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Dr Kirpal Dhaliwal

Dr Dhaliwal
Dr Kirpal Dhaliwal

Associate Dentist
BDS Manc 2005
GDC: 85499

Treatments Offered

What Patients Say

Dr Daliwal is very thorough, friendly and informative. He answers all my queries and I feel like he personally cares about my case. I feel in very good hands. He is very passionate about his work and cares genuinely about his patients case. He is very friendly and informative, and his work is thorough and precise.

- Natalie

The problem you faced before you came to us?
quote A vertically cracked tooth requiring extraction and replacement. quote

What treatment you had and why it was important?
quote An extraction and implant. I didn’t want to have a gap, which would cause problems cosmetically, a nd may cause me to chew food only on the other side of my mouth, thus possibly weakening those teeth. quote

Your experiences of working with us, for example the quality of care, service, quality of product and customer care?
quote Excellent treatment, facilities, cleanliness and friendly staff. quote

The major benefits since attending the practice?
quote The main benefits were pain relief and a clear plan moving forward. quote

What advice you would give to people who are considering this type of treatment?
quote Don’t hesitate! quote

Was it a good investment in both time and money?
quote Yes definitely. quote

Any other comments?
quote I was apprehensive about the implant because of the invasion into the bone. Dr Dhaliwal explained the procedure very clearly, it was less traumatic and painful than I had expected. The end result is perfect, and far out-weights the other options of a denture or bridge. Dr Dhaliwal and his staff made me feel very welcome and I had total confidence in them all. Thank you. quote

- Lesley

I had previously been seeing a regular dentist for many years. Having had many problems with my teeth over the years I decided the time was right to get an implant. I looked at several dentists and settled on Dr Dhaliwal, initially just to complete the implant. I was initially drawn to his professionalism and honesty and felt confident that he would achieve the result I wanted. I was not disappointed.

During the treatment, Dr Dhaliwal provided first class care, ensuring I understood everything that would be happening. His knowledge and expertise were clearly evident but this always comes alongside a friendly approachable manner. So impressed was I with what was supposed to be a one-off treatment, I remained his patient and asked him to complete other work and intend to stay with him for the foreseeable future.

- Michael

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