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Tooth Whitening in Birmingham

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Tooth Whitening

Enhance your smile with teeth whitening performed by highly experienced, qualified and professional dentists. The dentist will assess your suitability to undertake home whitening and special whitening trays will be made to fit your teeth.

The trays should be filled with the whitening gel and worn for a few hours every day. Some patients will require more extended treatment regimens, depending on the nature of discolouration. Simply stop the whitening treatment when you are happy with the result. This take home procedure only has an effect on natural teeth.

Take home kit from £268.

tooth whitening birmingham

5 Major mistakes people make when whitening their own teeth

1. Often people don't use tooth whitening products that contain the correct amount of peroxide.
At our Midlands Smile Centre practice's, we use the latest tooth whitening gels that use the legally safe amount of peroxide.

2. Many people don't know it is illegal for anyone other than GDC registered dental professionals to sell or apply the correct treatments.
In all our MSC practice's, we are fully trained and insured to make sure we deliver the best treatment to our patients, in a safe and trustworthy environment.

3. Poorly fitted whitening trays, not made specifically for your mouth by trained dentists, can result in unpredictable results.
We only use high quality dental labs to make our bespoke trays. The better the fitting tray, the more predictable the result.

4. If you do not attend a check-up before the treatment, this could result in damage to your teeth and gums.
Only a qualified dentist can make sure you are not at risk of causing harm to your teeth and gums by ensuring your mouth is healthy before starting treatment.

5. Some people do not get crowns and fillings checked to make sure the colours will match after tooth whitening.
Getting professional advice before you start treatment is vital to confirm you have all the information about how the end result may look and so that you can plan, if necessary, to have fillings and crowns treated afterwards.

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