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Airflow - Advanced Dental Scale and Polish Birmingham

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This specially designed treatment is able to remove tooth stains, such as those caused by tea, coffee, red wine and smoking. This treatment is not a substitute for tooth whitening, however it will still make a visibly noticeable improvement to the health and brightness of your smile.

What is Airflow?

Airflow polishing is a treatment method that uses a jet of air, water and sodium bicarbonate to make a dramatic improvement to your teeth's brightness. This jet cleans and polishes your teeth and doesn't contain any chemicals, so there is no risk of irritation or burns. This treatment is a more advanced version of a scale and polish, leaving the patient with a brilliant and clean smile.

How does it work?

The polishing system works by firing a pressurised blast of air, water and sodium bicarbonate onto the patient's teeth through a nozzle. This has proven to be a very effective method of removing plaque build-up and stains. Airflow is also great for cleaning between your teeth, which helps in giving a thorough and effective clean.

What are the benefits?

Airflow has plenty of benefits in comparison to a normal scale and polish. First and foremost, it is much more effective at cleaning. The jet is not only capable of polishing the surfaces of your teeth and removing plaque build-up, it can also reach up to 5mm into periodontal pockets for more efficient cleaning. Using Airflow is also much quicker than regular methods of stain and plaque removal.

This treatment is also much more comfortable for patients. Airflow is non-invasive, making it more pleasant than other forms of polishing and scaling, as there is no instrument contact. This makes Airflow great for people who have sensitive teeth as well. Speaking of sensitive teeth, Airflow can actually help reduce the sensitivity of your teeth. This is due to the bicarbonate in the jet, which can fill any exposed dentine tubules and help re-mineralize teeth.

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