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Smile Dentistry

Smile dentistry is dental treatment which is carried out to enhance the appearance of your teeth. It is available in many forms, and here at Midland Smile Centres, we offer a range of treatment types to help you achieve the smile you are looking for.

Teeth Whitening

tooth whitening birmingham

At MSC, we provide tooth whitening kits that you can use at home. One of our highly experienced dentists will assess your suitability for home whitening. Then special whitening trays will be created to fit your teeth. These trays are made to be filled with whitening gel before being worn by the user for a few hours every day. The take home kits can be worn until the desired result is achieved and will only affect natural teeth. In certain cases, more extended treatment may be required, depending on the level of tooth discolouration.


White Fillings

White fillings

White fillings are an alternative to traditional grey amalgam or metal fillings. They give you the function you need whilst boasting a natural appearance and thus avoiding the self-consciousness of traditional fillings.

White Fillings

Porcelain Veneers

veneers birmingham

When teeth have an irregular shape or are misaligned, damaged, decayed or discoloured, they can be unsightly or embarrassing. If any of these issues affect your teeth, porcelain veneers may be exactly what you need. Porcelain veneers are slim covers of tooth-coloured material that are placed over the affected teeth. Superb aesthetic results, with little interference.


Air Flow

Air flow is an extreme version of a scale and polish. Using a pressurised jet of air, water and sodium bicarbonate, airflow polishes and cleans your teeth without any strong chemicals. Whilst it does not replace teeth whitening, airflow is very effective at removing stains and will make an appreciable improvement to the health and shine of your smile.

Air Flow

Gold Services

We have a range of gold services at MSC. These include: gold implants, gold crowns/custom crown design, gold inlays and gold veneers.

Gold teeth implants provide the same sort of function as an ordinary implant but do so with an extra dash of style. They consist of a titanium implant (root) and a gold crown (tooth).

Gold crowns and custom crown designs are services that are available to replace worn or stained crowns. Utilising a gold alloy that combines other metals to give it strength, gold crowns can also restore your teeth.

Gold crown

Gold inlays (or inserts) are used when you have a large cavity but the surrounding tooth is still healthy. The gold inlay (insert) is used to fill the hole in your tooth. This process can resolve various problems with your teeth, whilst preserving the integrity of the healthy tooth that remains.

Gold veneers bring a subtle twist to the appearance of conventional veneers and are sure to make a definite visual impact on your smile.

Gold Services

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