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The Damon Braces System

The Damon Braces System - What is it?

The Damon Braces System is a new innovative technology to move your teeth quickly, easily and comfortably into a beautiful, wide, 10 tooth smile.

Rather than extracting teeth and using high force to force the teeth into a desired position, the Damon system uses light, natural and biologically-sensible forces to reshape your facial symmetry bringing your teeth into the ideal position to create a naturally beautiful smile.

Is it like traditional braces?

At first sight, Damon braces look very like traditional braces. However, the mechanism used is smoother, quicker and more comfortable, engaging with the natural biological forces in the mouth to achieve the desired smile.

How does it differ?

Traditional braces uses brackets stuck to each tooth plus a connecting wire that is "tied" to each bracket. The wire must be tightened at each appointment and this can be very uncomfortable. Sometimes teeth have to be extracted. Sometimes a palatal expander is used.

The Damon system uses high tech brackets with built in clamps to hold the wire. There is no need for tightening at each appointment. The brackets are glued to the front of the teeth, as they are with ordinary braces.

The high tech wire, called shape memory wire, is specially conditioned to return to a predetermined shape. This means that the teeth are moved smoothly and gradually to the desired position.

Fewer appointments are needed and the treatment is finished six months quicker on average than regular braces.

Extractions and palatal expanders can often be avoided using the Damon system.

Is it painful?

Many patients report little to no discomfort when using Damon braces. The movement of your teeth using the Damon system requires much lighter forces to move your teeth, making treatment much more comfortable than that of traditional braces.

What are the advantages of the Damon System?

The Damon System requires approximately half as many appointments and is completed six months earlier on average as compared to traditional braces.

Each appointment is shorter and more comfortable because there is no uncomfortable tightening to be done.

The desired smile can often be achieved without painful extractions or palatal expanders. This preserves the integrity of the jaw and palate whilst maintaining and even improving the balance and symmetry of the face.

The Damon system creates space in the mouth naturally, using light forces and the body's natural adaptiveness.

Clear brackets are available for the more discrete experience.

What next?

To achieve a natural lasting, beautiful smile, choose a solution that is quick, easy and comfortable. Book a consultation with Dr Khaira today to see what Damon braces could do for you.

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