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Dental Problems and how Dental Implants can Help

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Dental Problems and how MSC Dental Implants can Help

Risk of Infection
Due to the gaps created in your gums when you have lost teeth, particles of food from your meals and snacks have no difficulty at all in becoming lodged within these gaps. By getting trapped inside the spaces where one of your teeth used to be, and by remaining there after your toothbrush has failed to reach them, these food particles will lead to bacteria forming inside your mouth. The risk that this bacteria formation poses to you is the chance of you suffering an infection. An infection can also lead to more substantial dental complications that can require more serious forms of treatment to alleviate.

How Dental Implants Help:
Aside from the other advantages that having a dental implant can offer you, dental implants will also help your mouth stay-free from getting an oral infection by filling the area where bacteria would normally be able to form.

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Losing Everyday Function
Without a dental implant to replace a tooth that you have lost, you have a gap remaining in your gum and because of this, the kind of things that we would normally do from day-to-day suddenly become much more challenging. Examples of these everyday things include eating and speaking. Certain types of foods that are tougher to chew and bite into are particularly difficult to eat with a lost tooth.

How Dental Implants Help:
Replacing the tooth you have lost with a dental implant is a type of treatment we offer at MSC, and you can be confident it will solve these problems for you. If you opt for this type of treatment here at Midlands Smile Centres, one of our immensely skilled dentists will insert a natural-looking false tooth attached to a titanium rod into your jawbone. The false tooth will act in a similar way to that of your own teeth and will be stable too, meaning that eating and speaking will seem much less difficult.

Jawbone Deterioration
Whether you realise it or not, your jawbone will lose strength as well as its shape due to the excessive wearing of dentures, or from failing to replace missing teeth. The reason for this is that the strength and stability of your jawbone is generated by the roots of your teeth.

How Dental Implants Help:
Choosing implants with MSC is a sure-way to avoid this kind of problem. This is due to the fact that dental implants are the only restorative treatment that will protect your jawbone in addition to facilitating its function.

Dental Implants Birmingham

Signs of Ageing
The loss of teeth contributes to the shrinking of the jawbone, and this can cause the mouth to become sunken. The cosmetic impact this has is the loosening of the skin and the formation of wrinkles.

How Dental Implants Help:
Side-stepping this premature aging on a cosmetic level can be achieved via MSC dental implant treatment. Having a dental implant offers a level of protection to the jaw and fills-out the face a little more to boost your appearance.

Pain and Discomfort
One of the biggest and most noticeable problems that tooth loss can create for you is a persistent and unpleasant pain in your gums. The pain that is experienced stems from the fact that the absence of the tooth leaves the gum exposed.

How Dental Implants Help:
While it’s true that a missing tooth can cause you to feel a certain sensitivity and discomfort, dental implants can alleviate this. By replacing the root of the tooth, the dental implant introduces a level of defence for your gum by covering the gap created by the tooth that is missing.

Loss of Self Confidence
It may seem petty to some but feeling good about the way you look can play a large part in one’s sense of self-confidence. By losing one of your teeth, you may feel as though your appearance has been hindered, lowering your confidence as a result.

How Dental Implants Help:
The dental implant you choose can restore your confidence and repair your sense of comfort that has been hampered by the loss of your tooth. It does this by simply recreating the full and complete smile you remember from before, removing the apprehensions that you may have developed about smiling and laughing.

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By choosing a dental implant with MSC, your smile can be returned to its previous standard. The false tooth that makes-up the implant is tooth-coloured and therefore natural in appearance, meaning that it will not be conspicuous to other people when you smile or talk. Plus, with it being able to eliminate all of the other problems that come with a missing tooth as outlined above, going-with MSC for a dental implant is a tremendous idea for you and your well-being.

What’s more, with our dentists having the vast level of experience that is required for successful implant procedures, when you reach the end of the dental implant treatment process you can enjoy all-round better dental health and a hugely improved smile.

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