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Re-Building Your Smile Starts Today

You have probably read or heard many times about what a pleasure it is to improve your teeth and give your smile that delightful little touch it’s been missing. But what can also be pointed-out is how easy and satisfying it can be when you opt to have restorative dentistry treatment. Midlands Smile Centres are the perfect choice for this kind of treatment, and we are ready to begin taking you through this process today.

Restorative Dentistry

Undergoing restorative dentistry treatment will put right the obvious flaws that are present in your set of teeth. Going beyond the cosmetic enhancements of smile dentistry and incorporating a shorter and more subtle process than that of orthodontic treatments, restorative dentistry works differently and effectively to restore your smile to its former glory.
By choosing one of the treatments from our restorative dentistry range you will benefit from a process that re-builds substantial areas of tooth loss or damage. Highly proficient in achieving the expected results of dental treatments and affordable for most budgets, MSC are the right choice of dentists to provide you with restorative dentistry.

What MSC Offer

Crowns are essentially a cap that is fitted over the top of a tooth that has suffered some form of damage. Covering the whole of the tooth’s top surface, crowns are used for restoring teeth that have been cracked, broken or significantly affected by decay.

Dental Crowns

The Treatment Process
Initially, an impression of your teeth will be taken by one of our dentists. This allows the dentists to study the shape of your mouth as well as your bite. Using this impression to guide them, the dentist will craft the crown for the patient. If it is necessary, the crown will be shaded so that it blends-in visually with the other teeth in the patient’s mouth.
Once the crown is complete it will be checked by your dentist. Next, the dentist will begin preparing your tooth so that it is able to take the new crown. To do this, the outer layers of the tooth that have been weakened or decayed will be taken away, meaning that a strong, stable inner core will remain. Then, via the use of a special dental cement, the crown is adjoined to your tooth.

Another treatment offered at MSC that will successfully restore your smile, and one that can be used with implants, bridges are a false tooth or a row of false teeth. Bridges are used to alleviate the problem of a gap existing amongst a patient’s set of teeth. This gap can be the result of teeth being lost in a variety of ways, such as advanced tooth decay, gum disease or sports activities. But, by having a bridge, you can re-build your teeth by covering-over the gap in the gum with false teeth that are reliable as well as functional.

Dental Bridges

The Treatment Process
With MSC, your journey towards a new bridge starts with one of our dentists re-shaping the teeth that will be involved in supporting the bridge. Re-shaping your teeth may necessitate the filing down or the filling of teeth. From there, your dentist will make an impression of the gap in your mouth as well as that of the teeth that are sitting around the gap. Through the use of this impression, a bridge will be created for you and this will be subsequently cemented to the natural teeth or the tooth adjacent to the gap in your mouth.

Dentures are appliances that are utilised to take the place of teeth that have been lost. Made from acrylic (plastic) or a combination of metal and plastic, dentures will sometimes use retaining clips in order to ensure that the dentures remain in place whilst being worn.

Dental Dentures

Denture Name Tags
Useful for a number of reasons, we at Midlands Smile Centres also provide Denture Name Tags. Denture Name Tags are unique markings that can be applied to dentures to make them easier to identify. By clearly displaying the name of the owner on them, there is less chance that dentures will become lost or misplaced, which may be particularly useful for relatives who reside in a care environment. Plus, they can help the owner create a unique dental record.

What MSC Offer

Improving teeth in any manner you feel is necessary or in any way that you know is vital to your dental health is something MSC can always help with. Based in Birmingham, we at Midlands Smile Centres boast an outstanding combination of patient care and dental expertise, ensuring that all of our patients are treated with dignity and respect whilst receiving the optimum standard of dental treatment. Also, with our Smile Plan, the treatments that MSC offer are more affordable for you.

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