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Teeth and Bones: What's the Difference?

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Teeth and Bones: What’s The Difference?

Our teeth perform a massively important job, making it just as important that we take proper care of them. We rely on our teeth every day, and perhaps even take them for granted. But what are they made-up of? Despite there being obvious ways in which teeth and bones may seem the same, they are actually quite different, with each of them having their own particular characteristics. This blog delves into what exactly your teeth and bones are made-up of and the ways in which these parts of your body are different.

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Your Bones and What They Consist Of

Bones are strong and sturdy, and consist of calcium, sodium, phosphorus, additional minerals and, in the largest amount, collagen. A growing tissue, collagen is the thing that enables your bones to be flexible in addition to giving them the ability to stay stable. Collagen plays a key role in helping to create your body’s framework, while the calcium surrounds the area around the framework of your body. In doing so, the calcium ensures that your body’s bones are sufficiently sturdy to support the entire weight of your body.

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Additionally, the outside of your bones is made-up of a membrane that is both smooth and dense. It is called periosteum and is influential in the development of new bone and repairing current bones. It is able to do this by being comprised of cells known as osteoblasts. Periosteum is present on the exterior of the majority of bones in your body, except for the joints of longer bones. The blood supply to bones is made possible by the body’s arteries. These arteries pass through to the inner marrow of the bone via the periosteum. If any of your bones suffer a break, bone cells will be directed to the affected area to fill in the gap that has been created as a way of repairing the damage.

Teeth and What Makes Them What They Are

Teeth are unlike bones in various ways. One example of how teeth are different is in the way that they are actually stronger than bones. Teeth are made-up of dentine, which is a calcified tissue, and this dentine features an enamel covering. This enamel is a tough and shiny layer over your teeth. Another difference between teeth and bones is that teeth are not able to regenerate themselves in the manner that bones do, so if they break, they cannot be repaired through growth.

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In addition to the above reasons that teeth cannot be categorised as bones, it is worth pointing-out that teeth do not generate red and white blood cells like the marrow in bones do. Teeth actually do not have any marrow at all. Instead, teeth contain dental pulp. This pulp connects to the jawbone and is the part of the tooth that is alive, housing veins, arteries and nerves. It is actually the presence of these nerves that make it possible to experience toothache and feel other types of pain in your teeth.

What We Do at Midlands Smile Centres

Of course, taking care of your teeth is what keeps them at their best. While much of this is determined by how well and how often you employ your regular dental habits at home, such as brushing, flossing and using mouthwash, it is also crucial that you book regular dental check-ups as well. That is where Midlands Smile Centres come in. MSC have several practices located around Birmingham, so we are easy for you to get to. And with our outstanding team of dentists always on-hand, you can be sure that your teeth will get precisely the right level of attention that they need.

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There will also probably be those times when your teeth will require some form of treatment. This could be some form of orthodontics such as fixed braces or Invisalign treatment, or restorative dentistry such as dentures or crowns. There may even come a time where you decide that your teeth would benefit from just a little extra work on a more cosmetic level, meaning you might opt for tooth whitening or veneers to bring a dash of brightness to your smile. Whatever it is that you feel you want or need for your teeth, MSC can make it possible for you. Reasonably priced and with a Smile Plan to make treatments more affordable, MSC are staffed by exceptionally skilled and vastly experienced dentists who can make your vision of better, healthier looking teeth a reality.

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Plus, if you ever find yourself in need of emergency treatment, MSC can be reached on our emergency treatment number: 07960344510. (You don’t need to be an MSC patient to access our emergency treatment.)

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