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What is a Crown?

A crown is an artificial cap that fits over the remaining part of a tooth, making it strong and restoring to it the shape of a natural tooth.

At Midlands Smile Centres we offer all sorts of types of crowns, depending on which tooth is damaged, the extent of the damage, the choice of material that you make, and the purpose for which the crown is being placed.

Crowns are often used to repair teeth that have become severely damaged. Teeth can be badly damaged for various reasons: they may be cracked or broken through accidents, or they may have been weakened due to extensive decay. Crowns cover the entire upper surface of the tooth.

dental crowns birmingham

If a crown is recommended, it is likely that much of the upper surface of the tooth has become weak or decayed, meaning that it needs to be removed and the remaining tooth covered and protected. A crown may be placed after a root filling, because of the extensive surgery and rebuilding that has been done, it will be necessary to safeguard the remaining tooth. The crown will cover and shield the tooth and restore your bite (how the teeth fit together to do the job of eating), so that there are no gaps or unevenness in the mouth.

A crown may also be used as a support or anchor, to help hold a bridge or denture in place.

How is a crown placed?

The dentist will begin by taking an impression of your teeth. This shows the dentist what the shape of your mouth is and how you bite. This impression will be used to shape your new crown so that it fits your jaw and your other teeth. The dental technician will form your crown, using the impression as a guide, and, if applicable, shade it to match your other teeth.

When the crown is ready, the dentist will check it to make sure that it is fit for purpose. Then the dentist will prepare your tooth to take the new crown. This will involve removing the outer decayed or weakened layers of the tooth, to leave a robust and strong inner core. The new crown is then fixed in place with a special dental cement to the remaining tooth. This results in a restored tooth, and a renewed, natural feeling bite.


Read what patients have said about their treatment:

Start quote The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. They take you through each process to make sure that you understand everything. End quote

- Lee

Start quote The dentist was very gentle and did fantastic work. End quote

- Karen

Start quote Brilliant. Best dentist I've had. End quote

- Samia

Start quote I have always been very conscious about my teeth and how my old crowns affected my smile. It’s something that I have been aware of when posing for photos in particular. I went to see Dr Joshi at Midland Smiles Centres to have them changed. Dr Joshi made everything so clear and easy to understand, especially explaining all the options.

The staff at Midland Smile Centres were very welcoming and the treatment itself was completely pain free. The result has been fantastic and has given me the confidence to smile properly. Before I’d laugh and know you could see the fillings, now I do it knowing there’s nothing to see.

It was the best investment I’ve made in time and money in quite some time, even considering the travel from London. I would say to anyone considering this sort of treatment: don't hesitate and postpone for quite as long as I did! I wish I’d done it sooner. End quote

- Jay

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