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Dental Fees Birmingham

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MSC fees

Fees & Offers

The Smile Plan only £9.90 a month

To help our patients budget for dental treatment costs without compromising the quality of care, we are pleased to offer our own dental plan, which we believe to be the best way to make treatment affordable, and give patients greater freedom of choice for NHS dentistry in Birmingham.

The benefits of our preventive approach include:

  • Regular visits for fresh breath and to keep your teeth looking their best
  • Up to 2 hygiene treatments per year
  • All necessary x-rays
  • Improved health of gums, gum disease is a major cause of tooth loss
  • Free prescriptions
  • Fewer fillings
  • Prompt treatment
  • Tooth smoothing
  • Sensitivity treatment
  • Up to 2 examinations per year
  • Latest treatment techniques
  • More treatment options
  • Personal care and attention
  • Free mouth models
  • Less likelihood of a dental emergency
  • Optional worldwide dental emergency and accident cover
  • Spread the cost of essential dental care
  • 0% Finance Plan to cover check-ups, scale and polish and X-rays
  • 10% discount on additional treatments
  • Only £9.90 a month

Free Consultation* and low prices for Cosmetic Treatments

  • Get a free face to face consultation* to find out what we can do for you

(* only with a smile plan)

Finance Options Available

Midlands Smile Centres are now offering finance options for all treatment costing £500 upwards. This finance option is very helpful for those who see dental implants as a good long term investment over bridges and dentures but can’t afford the treatment. Repayment terms of between 12 and 60 months are available. We strive to be the most affordable dental practices in Birmingham. We hope these finance options will mean even more people can benefit from our restorative and cosmetic services.

Midlands Smile Centres – SCALE OF FEES – (10th October 2018)

Type of Treatment Smile Plan Price Normal Price
Routine consultation Free £22.70
General Dentistry
Scale & Polish Free £53.75
Large X-ray film (OPG) Free £52.80
Small X-ray films (per film) Free £11.50 per X-ray
Metal fillings £88.88 to £154.58 £98.75 to £171.75
White fillings £87.08 to £179.06 £96.75 to £198.95
Root fillings £159.53 to £613.35 £177.25 to £618.50
Fissure sealant
(per tooth)
£30.92 £34.35
Inlays Gold or White £458.10 to £663.30 £509 to £737
Posts £96.08 to £167.63 £106.75 to £186.25
Extractions £99 to £279 £110 to £310 
Emergency charge Free £36.25
Restorative Dentistry
(any single unit)
£458.10 to £795.60 £509 to £884
Re-cement bridge £85.95 to £98.96 £95.50 to £109.95
Crowns (any type - each) £458.10 to £794.70 £509 to £883
Temporary crown £92.66 to £159.75 £102.95 to £177.50
Re-cement crown £85.82 £95.35
Dentures - Plastic/Chrome £355.50 to £1,136.70 £395 to £1,263
Addition of tooth to denture £110.48 to £182.70 £122.75 to £203
Cosmetic Dentistry
Veneers (each) £369 to £796.50 £410 to £885
IV Sedation
(per appointment)
£355.50 to £474.30 £395 to £527
Tooth Whitening
take home kit
from £340.50* from £340.50*
Enlighten Tooth Whitening £663.30 to £794.70 £737 to £883
Hygienist Air Flow £77.50* £77.50*
White fillings £87.08 to £179.06 £96.75 to £198.95
Miscellaneous Treatments
Stoning & grinding Free £34.35
Sensitivity treatment Free £34.35
Prescription only Free £34.35
Any reline £117.90 to £211.50 £131 to £235
Study casts Free £34.35
Occlusal acrylic splint £355.50 £395
Sports guards
£116.78 to £161.10 £129.75 to £179
Dentomycin treatment
per visit
£463.50 £515
Orthodontic Treatments
Fixed Orthodontic Treatment £2,595** to £4,985** £2,595** to £4,985**
Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment £2,459** to £4,915** £2,459** to £4,915**
Dental Implants
£2,145.00* to £3,187.80* £2,145.00* to £3,187.80*
* Sale price    
** Practice payment plans or dental finance options available

Please note, that there are no charges for credit card payments. We accept Euros.

NHS dental treatments

All the treatment necessary, in the opinion of your dentist to achieve and maintain good oral health is available on the NHS. This means that the NHS provides any treatment that you need to keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy and free of pain. It does not include treatments such as teeth whitening or veneers, which you might want to make your teeth more attractive but are not clinically necessary.

Here is a list of what your treatment can include:

Band 1 course of treatment: £22.70

  • clinical examination, case assessment and report
  • orthodontic case assessment and report
  • advice, dental charting, diagnosis and treatment planning
  • radiographic examination, including panoral and lateral headplates, and radiological report
  • study casts including in association with occlusal analysis
  • colour photographs
  • instruction in the prevention of dental and oral disease including dietary advice and dental hygiene instruction
  • surface application as primary preventive measures of sealants and topical fluoride preparations
  • scaling, polishing and marginal correction of fillings
  • taking material for pathological examination
  • adjustments to and easing of dentures or orthodontic appliances
  • treatment of sensitive cementum

Band 2 course of treatment: £62.10

  • non-surgical periodontal treatment including root-planing, deep scaling, irrigation of periodontal pockets and subgingival curettage and all necessary scaling and polishing
  • surgical periodontal treatment, including gingivectomy, gingivoplasty or removal of an operculum
  • surgical periodontal treatment, including raising and replacement of a mucoperiostal flap, curettage, root planning and bone resection
  • free gingival grafts
  • permanent fillings in amalgam, composite resin, synthetic resin, glass ionomer, compomers, silicate or silico-phosphate, including acid etch retention
  • sealant restorations
  • endodontic treatment of permanent or retained deciduous teeth
  • pulpotomy
  • apicectomy
  • extraction of teeth
  • transplantation of teeth
  • oral surgery including surgical removal of cyst, buried root, unerupted tooth, impacted tooth or exostosed tooth and alveolectomy
  • soft tissue surgery in relation to the buccal cavity and lips
  • frenectomy, frenoplasty, frenotomy
  • relining and rebasing dentures including soft linings
  • addition of tooth, clasp, labial or buccal flange to dentures
  • splints (other than laboratory fabricated splints) in relation to periodontally compromised teeth and in connection with external trauma
  • bit raising appliances (other than laboratory fabricated appliances)

Band 3 course of treatment: £269.30

  • laboratory fabricated porcelain or composite veneers, including acid etch retention
  • inlays, pinlays, onlays and palatal veneers, in alloys containing 60% or more fine gold, porcelain, composite resin and ceramics
  • crowns including any pin or post aids to retention:
    • full or three-quarter crown cast in alloys containing not less than 33⅓% fine gold or platinum or palladium
    • full or jacket crown cast in alloys containing stainless steel or cobalt chromium or nickel chromium
    • crown in porcelain, synthetic resin and other non-metallic crowns
    • full or jacket crowns in alloys containing not less than 33⅓% fine gold or platinum or palladium, or alloys containing stainless steel or cobalt chromium or nickel chromium, with thermally bonded porcelain
    • jacket crown thermally bonded to wrought platinum coping
    • prefabricated full or jacket crown, including any pin or post retention
  • bridges including any pin or post aids to retention:
    • bridges in alloys containing 60% or more fine gold with or without thermally bonded facings
    • bridges cast in alloys containing stainless steel, cobalt chromium or nickel chromium, with or without thermally bonded facings
    • acid etch retained bridges
    • bridges in other materials
    • provision of full (completed) or partial dentures, overdentures and obturators in synthetic resin or metal or both synthetic resin and metal, including any cast or wrought metal components or aids to retention
    • orthodontic treatment and appliances
    • other custom made applications excluding sports guards

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