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Some people may think a visit to the Hygienist is a sign they have a problem with their teeth or gums. The truth is everybody can benefit from some time with a Hygienist. While a Dentist's focus is to assess your oral health and deal with problems, the dental Hygienist's focus is to make sure you are achieving and maintaining the best possible standard of oral health. This helps you to reduce tooth decay, tooth wear and gum disease, which is a leading cause of tooth loss. Gum disease can also be a cause of many other problems in your general health. Gum disease affects more than three quarters of all people, regardless of race, nationality, or socio-economic levels. In fact, nearly half of all twenty year olds in the world have at least one tooth affected by gum disease. The good news is that the earlier gum disease is detected, the more successful the treatment results.

Dental Hygienists are specifically trained to work with the dentist in giving care to patients. They play an important role in dental health care and are mainly concerned with gum health, showing patients correct home care and applying preventative materials to the teeth and gums.

The Hygienist’s main role is to professionally clean the teeth for patients. This is usually called scaling and polishing. However, perhaps their important role is showing the patient the best way to keep the teeth free of plaque. They also give advice on diet and preventing dental decay. The Hygienist will work with your Dentist to provide care tailored to your needs.

During your appointment our Hygienist is able to spend considerably more time working on your dental health than a Dentist could. Your teeth will be professionally cleaned using a range of treatments and may appear whiter as a result. Our Hygienist will also provide advice on how best to maintain your oral hygiene at home. Many patients have found their oral health has improved dramatically as a result of one visit to the Hygienist, resulting in less dental problems and lower treatment costs.

Our dental Hygienists work closely with our Dentists to develop personalised care for everybody, ensuring that all of our patients are looked after, including the most nervous. Our Hygienists pride themselves on their gentle caring manner, friendly approach and ability to work with the most nervous of patients.

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