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Some people may think a visit to the hygienist is a sign they have a problem with their teeth or gums. The truth is everybody can benefit from some time with a hygienist. While a dentist's focus is to assess your oral health and deal with problems, the focus of a hygienist is to make sure you are achieving and maintaining the best possible standard of oral health.

Why Hygienist Treatment Is Good For You

Having your teeth and gums professionally cleaned by a hygienist is important for maintaining good dental health and reducing the chances of tooth decay and gum disease. They can also help give you pointers on how to maintain good dental hygiene routines, and you can discuss any problems or questions that you may have regarding your oral health.

Hygienist Appointment

Doing what you can so you don’t suffer from gum disease is important, due to the detrimental effect it can have on the condition of your teeth and gums. Evidence has shown that gum disease affects about 20%-50% of the population around the world. In cases where gum disease is present, early intervention is highly effective in eliminating it.

A professional clean of your teeth by a hygienist is also highly effective in removing plaque. If plaque is not removed from your teeth it can cause tooth decay, or in more serious cases, it can cause the bone supporting your teeth to breakdown.

The Role of the Hygienist

The first step towards improving and maintaining the general health of your teeth and gums is to book an appointment with a dental hygienist. At your appointment, you can expect to undergo a thorough and professional clean of your teeth, also known as a scale and polish. This method of cleaning your teeth and gums also helps make your smile fresher and brighter.

Your hygienist will also talk to you during your appointment about the ways in which you can care for your teeth at home. A good oral hygiene routine at home is one of the most effective methods for keeping your teeth clean and free from plaque, and in combination with the scale and polish that you’ll receive can help give you a healthy smile that can be maintained.

Hygienist Appointment

Our hygienists are specifically trained to work with the dentists to give personalised care for all patients. In combination, your dentist can help spot overall problems with your teeth, give general tips for your dental routine and provide a quick clean, while your hygienist can dedicate more time to cleaning your teeth and providing tips and guidance to maintaining your smile.

Seeing your hygienist is something that is recommended for boosting your oral hygiene and helping your teeth and gums stay healthy. However, your hygienist can also help enhance the cosmetics of your smile. You may find that your teeth appear cleaner and whiter after your hygienist appointment, which can be a great boost to your confidence.

Our hygienists pride themselves on their gentle caring manner, friendly approach and ability to work with the most nervous of patients. Many patients have found their oral health has improved dramatically as a result of one visit to the hygienist, resulting in less dental problems and lower treatment costs.

Our Commitment to Your Care

We always make every effort to welcome all patients, new or returning, to our practices. We endeavour to ensure that our respect for our patients and our standards of patient care are always consistent, whatever the treatment may be. You can expect friendly and caring service, throughout the process.

What Patients Say

Start quote The most informative, encouraging and helpful hygienist Ive encountered anywhere. End quote

- Anonymous, NHS Review

Start quote Dentist very helpful, advised me how to keep plague off my teeth, enjoyed my visit. End quote

- Mrs P, NHS Review

Start quote I visitied the hygienist today and she is very friendly and professional. End quote

- Mrs N, NHS Review

Start quote Great service every time, very friendly approach, professional assistants, all treatments explained and wisely adviced. Highly recommended.. End quote

- Maria, Google Review

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