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Dental Implants Birmingham

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Dental Implants in Birmingham

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Why Choose Us

  • We offer free consultations with an actual implant surgeon.
  • We only use high quality implants.
  • MSC has over 30 years’ experience with this treatment.
  • We can offer the no scalpel technique.
  • We offer pay monthly finance, from £45.05/month.
  • We don’t charge for using a credit card.
  • We have extended opening hours.
  • We have two highly experienced implant surgeons.
  • We can handle complex cases.
  • We have great reviews.

Dental Implants in Birmingham from £45.05/month

Dental implants are generally considered the best and most versatile treatment for a missing tooth. Patients who opt for replacment teeth often report an increase in their self-confidence from having a fantastic smile.

It can't be stressed enough how important it is to have this procedure done at an implant surgery by an experienced dentist with a track record of successful dental implant procedures, such as Midlands Smile Centres. Other dentists may offer a very attractive treatment plan prices but this is one procedure where going to the cheapest provider is not a good idea. Some of Midlands Smile Centres' dentists have over twenty-five years' experience carrying out successful dental implant procedures.

What Patients Say - Selly Oak Dental Implants

Start quote I have recently had an implant at this practice. Dr Chohan is amazing. He provided excellent treatment. The rest of the practice is lovely, everyone is very welcoming and friendly. I was very pleased with the overall service. End quote

Grace - Selly Oak Implant Centre

Start quote This was the first time I've been here. Everyone has been amazing. I'm a nervous patient so this wasn't an easy experience for me. From the minute I walked through the door I felt comfortable. Thanks again, everyone! End quote

Laura - Selly Oak Implant Centre

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The Dental Implant Procedure

Midlands Smile Centres’ have conducted over 5,000 dental implant procedures and we have over 5,000 happy customers.

MSC offers the no scalpel dental implant technique. This means no bone grafting or need for a lengthy surgical procedure. Using X-ray imaging, the dentist maps exactly where to place the titanium screw implant. The patient will be offered a local anaesthetic which will numb the cheek and gum. From here a single tooth implant is then placed directly into the gum without the need for incision with a scalpel, a new false tooth will be attached to the implant and give a natural look to your smile. This process reduces pain, bone loss, swelling, bleeding, and healing time. The whole procedure can be completed in as little as three months, within only two visits.

Interested in finding out how dental implants are made? This video explains the full process from start to finish, and how a rod of titanium becomes a high quality dental implant.

Dental implants can restore the pleasure of eating. Patients often report that their eating experience improves after their procedure. Once a tooth has been lost, hard or sharp food types can be forced onto the exposed gum line by the act of chewing. While a bridge or dentures may provide a temporary relief from this problem, they don't stop the gum line shrinking, and can damage the teeth they are attached to which leads to needing false teeth.

Dental Implants Birmingham

Patients will find it very hard to find another dentist who has a better track record of tooth replacement than at Midlands Smile Centres. We pride ourselves on offering competitive rates, and we can offer a dental plan which makes this procedure even more affordable. Our experience, rates and success stories should help provide reassurance that we can give you a fantastic smile, so why look elsewhere?

Implants Birmingham

Implant treatment by Dr Suresh Chohan (Selly Oak)

Finance Available

If you would like to spread the cost of your treament over a few months, we have a range of finance plans on offer. These start at £45.05 a month, to suit your budget.

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If you have any more questions about our dental implant service, or would like to book a free consultation with one of our implant treatment coordinators, please send us an email using the form below. You will also be provided with a link to our free guide to dental implants. If you would prefer to receive a call back, please leave your phone number within the message. A member of our friendly reception team will aim to respond shortly after receiving your message.

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