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Dental Sedation

Attending the dentist can be a difficult process for many, while for others it is a much easier process that requires little to no mental preparation. For those select people who have a fear of the dentist, just thinking about it can be a sickening feeling. Many patient’s negative reaction toward the dentist or doctors is often grown from an unpleasant or painful experience in the past, such as during childhood.

However, attending regular dental appointments is one of the best ways to ensure you are caring for your teeth properly, and that you are free from dental problems. Without these regular dental visits, you are more at risk of experiencing problems such as cavities and gum disease, which if left can cause toothache, tooth loss, and more. Dental anxiety can stop patients from attending these important routine examinations, this makes sedation an effective tool towards maintaining good dental health for patients with dental anxiety.

Dental Sedation is available on request.

What is Sedation

Sedation is a method of removing or drastically reducing pain and sensation during dental procedures such as tooth extractions and dental implants. By doing this when dental work is being carried out, the patient will feel little to no sensation or pain during their treatment. This is normally induced using a drug which is designed to null receptors in the brain, often leaving patients feeling tired or drowsy.

How Does Sedation Work

Sedation will normally be applied in one of a few ways, the first of which is via inhalation. The patient inhales the sedative, which begins to numb the nerves in the brain and in turn will then cause a patient to become non-responsive to pain. This method is quite commonly used for minor surgeries at both your local doctor and dentist.

A second way in which sedation can be applied is via an injection, also known as intravenous sedation. While this sounds like an unpleasant method, it is often completed quickly and with effective results. This method is more commonly used for procedures in the dentist chair, as it can be applied before the procedure and has the desired effects for completing what might otherwise be a painful procedure.

A third way in which sedation can be achieved is ingesting the sedation drug orally. This method is an ideal option for those patients who have a fear of needles and injections. Triazolam is most commonly used due to its quick and short-lasting effect, allowing dentist to complete the procedure without leaving a patient in a drowsy state for a long time afterward.

Using sedation means the patient can have a much more relaxed and pleasant experience without having to worry about their treatment.

Why Have Dental Sedation

Aside from reducing pain, the use of sedation helps to reduce anxiety that patients may have before and during their treatment. Sedation has an added effect of reducing your anxiety by slowing down brain signals and relaxing you during your time with us. If you’re an anxious patient this may be something which could be ideal for you, should you ever need to undergo any dental treatment.

What Patients Say

Start quote The experience I had with Midlands Smile Centres was one I will never forget. They treated me with the utmost of care and professionalism. I was made to feel completely comfortable and at home during the whole procedure. They did an excellent job too, a friendly and professional company End quote

- Nathen

Start quote I have always had a fear of dentist visits but the Smile Centre make it feel painless and with kind friendly staff on the phone and to speak to in person face to face, very polite and well mannered, always happy to help my dentist make me feel happy with my teeth. End quote

- Miss R, NHS Review

Start quote Absolutely no complaints.. On each visit I am always greeted by reception staff in a very friendly manner... I have never been kept waiting by way of delay.. On Saturdays visit I had a tooth extraction which was painless and over and done with within minutes.. All staff are brilliant, friendly and helpful.. A very professional service is always received. End quote

- Miss T, Google Review

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