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What Patients Say

What Patients Say - Selly Oak Dental Implants

" Second to none. The best dentist I have ever met. Understanding. Listens to what I have to say - incredibly skillfull and attentive. "

Barry - Kings Heath

" Excellent dentist - trust him a lot and very patient! Dr Rishi is the best dentist I have ever seen, very patient and makes me feel calm when I stress about any treatment. I would recommend him to anyone. "

Margaret - Selly Oak

" I have had a lot of work on my teeth. I have never been treated so well. The pain has been really low and the dentist has been great! I will definitely recommend the dentist to all my friends. Thanks for all your hard work. I look forward to seeing you again. "

Michael - Handsworth Wood

" Very professional and very welcoming. Every member of staff made visit enjoyable with: smiles; going the extra mile to make sure I understood where I needed to go and what was happening next; holding doors; escorting me from one area to another; allowing me to await for my transport home; checking to see if I desired a drink and if all was well while I waited. All these things make me want to return. I have already told my family about the service and the lovely staff. "

Anonymous - Selly Oak

" I visited Midland Smile Centre on Thursday 31st August 2017. This was the appointment that I was having all my top teeth out and a denture fitted. I had several appointments before to check that I was happy with the size and colour of my teeth for my denture. I had two teeth missing at the front, so the denture I tried on previously was only for the two teeth that were missing. The lovely dentist told me to use my imagination, measured the size of the teeth, asked if I was happy with the colour, made some adjustments. The dentist made sure I was happy with everything before I left. So on Thursday 31st August was the day my top teeth were all coming out. Nervous, of course I was! So there I was in the chair having the injections. The dentist checked that I couldn't feel any pain before he proceeded. Thank you for that. A pain free extraction, fitted the denture and WOW, I had my smile back. I hadn't wanted to smile for a long time as I was so embarrassed and really really miserable. The denture was rubbing but a call to Midland Smile Centre sorted that quickly. Again the lovely dentist - and not forgetting their wonderful dental nurse - made the adjustments. Again they made sure I was happy, asking me if I had anymore questions. To find a good NHS dentist who is not trying to shove private treatment down your throat is hard, to but to find an excellent dental service is nigh near impossible. You always hear about how good the dentist was but at Midland Smile Centre, Sheldon, it starts as soon as you walk through the door. An excellent service from start to finish and the after care. Thank you so much for giving me back my smile. "

Jackie - Sheldon

" This guy was amazing, he totally put my mind at ease when I was TOTALLY freaking out. He must have done this a few times... When I didn't want to go on, any longer, he really calmed me down and he was able to finish. I was so pleased with the work that was carried out, I was very nervous and this dentist made me much more relaxed. What a dude!! "

Anonymous - Selly Oak

" She made me feel very reassured when I was worried and scared about my treatment. She was very friendly and gave me a lot of aftercare information. She made me feel a lot better about my dental care. "

- Laura - West Heath

" Excellent service that always puts a smile on my face. Brilliant, sound advice given. Very professional and relieved my nerves. Thank you very much. "

Raj - Kings Heath

" I trust my dentist fully. I know they are interested in providing the best care and not just after my money. They are also fantastic with my children, and are setting them up for a positive view of the dentists for the rest of their lives. "

Claire - Selly Oak


" The dentist was very gifted in their profession, they were conscientious, skilled and kind! The receptionists were pleasant, and had good telephone manner! Their service was assuring and pleasant, and put my mind at rest. "

Rita - Selly Oak

" Dr Dulay was excellent. He reassured me throughout and made me feel at ease. I really appreciated it. My teeth are in an awful mess but he reassured me that there is help available. I came away wishing I had gone a long time ago instead of suffering with toothache all the time. Thank you so much. "

Nadine - Handsworth Wood

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