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April Newsletter

The warm days are starting to roll in and we are looking forward to summer. Looking after your teeth will ensure you have the perfect summer smile for those holiday photos.  Midlands Smile Centres offers several cosmetic services to help you achieve the smile you desire. Read on to discover just a few of the options available to you at MSC.

Cosmetic Services at MSC

Cosmetic Smile

Beauty is not always easy to achieve and realising your ideal look can be challenging. A perfect smile and a faultless face may seem an impossible dream to reach. MSC can offer you several cosmetic services that may help you towards attaining that dream look. With a confident and dazzling smile you can gain a boost in self confidence and a happier life.

White Fillings: These are a high quality and durable alternative to grey fillings. They blend into the tooth around them for a natural look. Knowing that your fillings are invisible, you can smile with confidence.

Veneers: This is a thin covering which is placed on the front surface of the tooth, to hide unsatisfactory blemishes. Teeth that are irregular, chipped, discoloured or damaged can be masked in this way. The result is very aesthetically pleasing. 

Tooth Whitening: This is one of the most common services that we provide. Discoloured teeth are a frequent cause for concern and tooth whitening can address that problem easily. With minimal expenditure of time and money you can have a shining smile.

Airflow: This process uses a blast of air and water to clean and polish the teeth deeply.  This can eliminate stains for a brighter smile as well as removing built up tartar and plaque for a deep fresh feeling.  This is a simple and inexpensive procedure with great results.

Gold Services: For a more striking look, we offer various gold services including implants, crowns and veneers.  As well as giving your teeth a touch of class, gold is also very practical, being strong and longer lasting than ordinary metal dental work.

3 Uses for an Old Toothbrush


  1. Believe it or not, a tooth brush is a great tool for removing splinters. Using some warm soapy water and gently rubbing the toothbrush over the affected area should help bring the splinter to the surface.
  2. Keep your delicate jewellery in tip top condition. A tooth brush is great for doing this without causing any damage to your valuables. Use gentle circular motions to retain your jewellery’s colour and bring back that priceless shine.
  3. Did you know a computer keyboard can be dirtier than a toilet seat? Clean up your keyboard by softening the bristles on a tooth brush and using it to brush in between the gaps on the keyboard. 

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Mouth Cancer

Mouth Cancer

Mouth cancer is quickly becoming a major problem. The last 20 years has seen an increase of 68% in cases in both men and women.

The most important way that you can defend yourself from mouth cancer is by ensuring that you keep on top of cleaning your teeth. 

It is good practice to spend at least 2 minutes brushing your teeth, twice a day. You might be tempted to think that as long as you have covered the bases you will be okay, but this is not true, so be sure to be thorough and complete the job.

It's also essential to floss and use mouthwash. This will help to clean your gums and in between your teeth, as well as reaching those hard to reach areas that you might miss with a tooth brush.

Finally, avoiding sugary drinks will help to maintain strong healthy teeth and gums.

For further information head to our Mouth Cancer page where you can find out more.

Dental Facts

Dental Facts

  • There are between 10 - 12 teaspoons of sugar in every can of pop.
  • More than 300 types of bacteria make up dental plaque.
  • The enamel on the top surface of your tooth is the hardest substance in your body.

Working at MSC

Take a look at what this member of staff loves about working here at MSC:

Having worked for MSC for 20 years now, I can honestly say that I would not consider working anywhere else!

MSC has fully supported me in my career development over the years. Its more like a big family, and doesn't feel like coming to work every day! 

Kerry R. - Orthodontic Therapist

Savings Bond

Savings Bond
Find out more about the Savings Bond.

Public Holiday Opening Hours

On Public Holidays the practices listed below can be contacted for emergency dental care. New and existing patients are able to make use of this extended service.

On Public Holidays the practice listed below can be contacted for emergency dental care.
Both new and existing patients are able to make use of this extended service.

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