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Reduce Your Risk of Developing Mouth Cancer - MSC October Newsletter 2019

In our October newsletter, you can find out about Mouth Cancer Awareness month, the latest news at our Birmingham practices, and our alternative Halloween treats. Read the October 2019 Newsletter.

Mystery Bears and Tooth Whitening Offers - MSC September Newsletter 2019

In our September newsletter, you can find out the latest news at our Birmingham practices, and all of our latest offers to save you money on your dental treatment. Read our September 2019 Newsletter.

Avoid Expensive Dental Treatment and Save Mone - MSC August Newsletter 2019

Our August newsletter is here, and we've got exciting news. Next month heralds the start of Midlands Smile Centres' Oral Health Month, which is all about keeping your teeth in the best possible condition. Read our August newsletter for 2019.

Being Happy With How You Look - MSC Dental Blog

A new hair style; losing weight; building muscle; getting tanned. Sometimes we have to admit that looking good can also make us feel good as well. Here at Midlands Smile Centres, we believe that being happy with your appearance can do wonders for your confidence and mental wellbeing...

Read our latest blog, Being Happy With How You Look.

Keep Cool and Stay Hydrated - MSC July Newsletter 2019

Don't miss out on the opportunity to attend one of our upcoming special events; Handsworth Wood's Invisalign Open Day and West Heath's Dental Implant Open Evening. You can find out more about these events along with our latest offers, in our July newsletter for 2019.

Teeth and Bone: Whats the Difference? - MSC Dental Blog

Our teeth perform a massively important job, making it just as important that we take proper care of them. We rely on our teeth every day, and perhaps even take them for granted...

Read our latest blog, Teeth and Bone: Whats the Difference?

Do You Know When National Kissing Day Is? - MSC June Newsletter 2019

We have a number of special events coming up, including National Kissing Day, a VIP facial aesthetics evening and an Invisalign smile improvement day. Find out more in our June newsletter for 2019.

Midlands Smile Centres - Dental Tips for 2019

Looking for some great dental tips that will help you maintain a healthy, white smile? Read our dental tips for 2019 today.

Re-Building Your Smile Starts Today - MSC Dental Blog

Start your journey towards re-building your smile today, by discovering a small selection of our available restorative treatments.

Read our restorative dentistry blog.

Dental Problems and how MSC Dental Implants can Help - MSC Dental Blog

Midlands Smile Centres experienced implantologists can help fix various dental problems, using the verstile dental implant treatment.

Read our dental implant blog.

Healthier Smiles for Birmingham - MSC May Newsletter 2019

May is National Smile Month, which means we're going over some useful tips for staying hydrated this summer. You can also find all of our latest discounts and offers in our May newsletter for 2019.

Upcoming Aesthetic and Cosmetic Offers - MSC April Newsletter 2019

This month we have a great selection of offers for you, including a dental veneers offer and a facial aesthetics offer with Dr Kalpesh. You can also find out about our Invisalign open evening at our Handsworth Wood practice. Read the April 2019 newsletter.

10% Off Smile Makeover - MSC March Newsletter 2019

This month find out how you can receive 10% discounts on our Smile Makeover service, how to look after your families teeth at Easter and more. Read our March 2019 newsletter.

How to Avoid Big Dental Bills - MSC February Newsletter 2019

Wedding season is approaching; discover how we can help make your smile shine for the photos, whilst avoiding big dental bills by reading our February 2019 newsletter.

New Year, New Smile in Time for Valentines - MSC January Newsletter 2019

Our first newsletter of 2019 is here. Find out how you can enhance your smile in time for Valentines, in our January 2019 newsletter.

Last Chance to Make Use of Our December Offer - MSC Christmas Newsletter 2018

Don't miss out on your last chance to make use of our Christmas offers. Find out all about them in our December 2018 newsletter.

Black Friday Deal - Up to £110 Off Tooth Whitening - MSC November Newsletter 2018

Discover our Black Friday deal, where both you and a friend can save money on Enlighten tooth whitening. Additionally, find out about our continued development at our Handsworth Wood practice, and more in our November 2018 newsletter.

Invisalign Open Evening with Free Consultations and Tooth Whitening - MSC October Newsletter 2018

MSC are hosting an Invisalign Open Evening in November. Find out all about it, and what you can do to improve your children's dental health this Halloween in our October 2018 newsletter.

Free Invisible Braces Consultation - MSC September Newsletter 2018

Find out more about our free orthodontic consultations and the latest big news at the Selly Oak practice in our September 2018 newsletter.

Thank you - MSC August Newsletter 2018

Our August 2018 newsletter is here. Inside you can find a thank you to our patients, information on how to protect your teeth, and a full smile from another patient who has had their smile transformed by Dr Chohan. All this and more in our August 2018 newsletter.

Summer Hydration - MSC July Newsletter 2018

This summer has started as one of the driest in modern records, which makes it even more important to make sure you stay hydrated. View our tips for staying hydrated, and info on our free implant consultations in our July 2018 newsletter.

Making an Impact on the Local Community - MSC June Newsletter 2018

This month, MSC has been taking steps in the local community to help build awareness for children's dental health and the importance of looking after your child's teeth. You can find out more about this, and our competition winner in our June 2018 newsletter.

May Bank Holiday

On Public Holidays the practice listed below can be contacted for emergency dental care.
Both new and existing patients are able to make use of this extended service.

Date Holiday Practice Opening times Contact Number

A Shining Smile For Summer - MSC May Newsletter 2018

It's finally starting to feel like summer, the perfect time for photos in the sunny outdoors. Would you like something to help your smile really shine this summer? You can find the ideal treatments for you and more in our May 2018 newsletter.

A Summer Smile - MSC May Bank Holiday Newsletter 2018

Discover all the options available to you for National Smile Month, such as Invisalign, a modern orthodontic treatment that can realign crooked teeth. Read the May Bank Holiday 2018 newsletter.

We are all Looking Forward to Summer - MSC April Newsletter 2018

Check out all of the cosmetic dental options available to you, so you can have the perfect smile for the summer. Find out more in our April 2018 newsletter.

Holiday Opening Times - MSC Easter Newsletter 2018

The Easter break is here, find out when your local dentist in Birmingham will be open during this time. You can also find out how to keep your teeth healthy in our Easter 2018 newsletter.

March Enlighten Tooth Whitening Offer

Enjoy a new shining smile with a friend, by making use of our enlighten tooth whitening offer. During March only, you can get £60 off tooth whitening, or, if you book with a friend you can both receive £100 off. That’s a total saving of £200, so don’t miss out.

This offer is only available with Dr Chohan at MSC Selly Oak. Book your consultation today.

Last Few NHS Appointments Available and Spring Weddings - MSC March Newsletter 2018

With Spring and the wedding season approaching, you may be wishing you could have a bright smile for those photos. We discuss some of the treatments available to help you achieve that smile. Find out what MSC can do for you in the March 2018 newsletter.

Additional NHS Appointments Available - MSC February Newsletter 2018

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, you may be thinking that you'd like to improve your smile. We discuss why people often don't go for the treatment they'd like even when it's available. Find out what cosmetic treatments MSC offers in our February 2018 newsletter.

We have NHS Spaces Available - MSC January Newsletter 2018

2018 has arrived; we hope that you're able to achieve all of your new year's resolutions and make this year a great one. With the rest of the year ahead of us, January is the ideal time to start the journey towards your ideal smile. Find out how in our January 2018 newsletter.

You Can Eat Chocolate at Christmas - MSC December 2017 Newsletter

Birmingham has been turned into a winter wonderland after a heavy snowfall over the weekend. What better time to really get into the festive spirit by putting on your favourite Christmas jumper, sitting in front of the tree and finishing off those last few Christmas cards and bit of wrapping? Then, when you're all done, you can put your feet up and read the MSC December 2017 newsletter, where you'll be pleased to hear that you can eat your chocolate this season, without feeling too guilty.

Black Friday Deals - MSC November 2017 Newsletter

With Christmas on the horizon, most people will be starting to prepare for the season of merriment. November is the ideal time to start buying gifts, with Black Friday at the end of the month, and some companies offering deals throughout all of the month. In our November 2017 newsletter, you can find out about our November Tooth Whitening deal, and other useful topics.

Do you Have Trouble Travelling to the Dentist? - MSC October 2017 Newsletter

With Halloween mere days away, we hope you have all of your preparations ready. However, if you've left it a little late this year, rather than rushing around like a headless chicken, take a read of some of our tricks and treats for a healthy and exciting Halloween for both you and your children. Additionally, if you have trouble visiting the dentist, due to lack of mobility or illness, we do offer a home visit service. Find out all about these topics and more in our October 2017 newsletter.

Vantage Point Healthcare


Midlands Smile Centres are pleased to support Vantage Point Healthcare.

Vantage Point Healthcare offer a range of home care services, from support with everyday living to complex care. This allows individuals to remain in the comfort and security of their own home, whilst receiving the level of care that they need, thus facilitating their continuing independence.

Quality, person-centered and caring home care services are provided including: companionship, domestic support, personal care, respite care at home, dementia care, live-in care and 24 hour care. All services are delivered by qualified carers.

Get in touch today on 07931 940861.

Dr Dhaliwal Reaches a Milestone at MSC - MSC September 2017 Newsletter

Autumn is closing in, and while the summer months may pass, you can be guaranteed a bright, healthy smile all year round, if you take good care of it. In our September newsletter, we look at the impressive milestone reached by Dr Dhaliwal at our Kings Heath practice, and how you can improve your smile with dental veneers. Discover our experienced dental service, by reading the September 2017 newsletter.

Turning Over a New Leaf - MSC August 2017 Newsletter

With the summer holidays winding to a close, we can keep the memories of a fantastic summer as we turn our thoughts towards the future, and improving our smile. Our August newsletter is here to help you get the most out of your smile. You can find information about how diving can affect your teeth, what to be aware of as your children go back to school and more information on our Invisalign open week. Take part in a great offer by reading our August 2017 newsletter.

Summer Hydration - MSC July 2017 Newsletter

Summer is a time to make happy memories with your friends or family. Memories that can be cherished for years to come. Our July newsletter is all about helping to achieve and sustain a picture perfect smile. Discover more about maintaining a perfect smile by reading our July 2017 newsletter.

Healthy Smiles for Birmingham - MSC May 2017 Newsletter

With Summer at our doorstep, we can start preparing for those Summer selfies by working towards our ideal smile. You can start the journey towards a more confident smile by reading our May 2017 newsletter.

World War 2 Bomb Found

Amazing footage has been released by police showing a Second World War bomb being detonated, it was found near the Aston express way and has caused havoc for travelers during the past few days. The bomb itself is thought to be one of the biggest WW2 bombs ever found weighing 550lb. The clip taken by a flying drone shows this huge German bomb igniting and with it creating huge dust clouds.

After two days and a lot of work completed by troops from 721 Explosive Ordnance Disposal, the bomb was finally detonated. The nearby Aston express way is now open and trains are again running as usual, putting an end to the drama that had been caused in recent days.

You can read more about the incident and watch the video here.

Cosmetic Dentistry - MSC April 2017 Newsletter

For most of us beauty is a lovely dream. At MSC we offer several treatments to help you achieve that sublime smile. Find more information about the cosmetic services we offer in our April 2017 newsletter.

Easter Holidays - MSC March Newsletter

With Spring on our doorstep, we should start looking at how we can protect our smile over Easter. You can find helpful tips and tricks for a brighter smile this Easter in our March 2017 newsletter.

Reduce Dental Anxiety - MSC February Newsletter

Dental anxiety can cause you to miss out on important dental visits, which could be dangerous for your oral health. Find out how to reduce dental anxiety, information about our Invisalign open evening and more in our February 2017 newsletter.

Mouth Cancer Figures

The rate of mouth cancer in recent years has increased dramatically. This is due to a number of reasons, including lifestyle choices. Here, we'll cover the figures in this recent surge, and tell you what to look out for and how to reduce your chances of mouth cancer.

Northfield Dentists Moving

All Northfield patients please be advised, Dr Chana is moving from Northfield Midlands Smile Centres to Kings Heath Midlands Smile Centres.

First Impressions Count - MSC January Newsletter

The new year is a great time to think about how you can make improvements to your dental health. You can find out about this and more in our January 2017 newsletter.

Give Your Friend a Brighter Smile This Christmas - MSC December Newsletter

Make sure you look after your smile over the Christmas period. Find out how you can give your friend the perfect gift in our latest newsletter.

Mouth Cancer Action Month - Risk Factors

91% of all mouth cancer diagnoses are linked to our lifestyle choices. Reduce this number, by learning about the risk factors below, and making a change for the better:

Mouth Cancer Action Month

Mouth Cancer Action Month - Spot The Signs

Following on the theme of being Mouthaware, make sure you check for any changes in the mouth. You can learn what you should be checking for below:

Mouth Cancer Check

Dental Implants: What You Need to Know - MSC Dental Blog

Midland Smile Centres are a dentist that you can rely on for dental implants. If you are considering having this treatment...

Carry on reading.

Top 20 Dental Tips

From using mouthwash and dental floss, to diet, drinking water and sugar-free gum, here is advice with our top 20 dental tips to keep your teeth, gums and mouth clean and healthy.

Mouth Cancer Action Month - MSC's November Newsletter

More than 7,500 people every year in the UK are told they have mouth cancer. This number can be lowered, and more people can get an early diagnosis by spreading awareness of mouth cancer, the risk factors and the symptoms. Find out more about mouth cancer, and how you can help spread awareness in our latest newsletter.

Mouth Cancer Action Month - Mouthaware

Being Mouthaware is important for spotting the early signs of mouth cancer. Learn about the signs and symptoms below:

Signs and Symptoms of Mouth Cancer

Scares and Sweets - MSC’s October Newsletter

It's the time of year for scares and sweets, but you can make sure your family's teeth don't have a nightmare by reading some of our tricks and treats for this Halloween. Want to give something to a friend that isn't a scare? Give the gift of a brighter smile with our October Invisalign offer. Read on for our Halloween dental tips.

Could Brushing your Teeth Help Prevent Dementia? - MSC Dental Blog

Your toothbrush is a powerful tool. It can keep your mouth clean and healthy, which can prevent problems such as cavities and gum disease...

Carry on reading.

Looking after your Children's Teeth

Every parent wants to do the very best for their child, but we don't always know how. The British Society of Paediatric Dentistry has released a detailed guide to looking after your children's teeth, from babyhood through to adulthood. Now you can read for yourself the experts advice.

Oral and Kidney Health Linked

The healthiness of your mouth has far reaching effects on the rest of your health. In our latest blog, we cover how the health of your mouth and kidneys are linked. Find it here.

How to Avoid Damaging your Teeth - MSC September Newsletter

This month find out how to stop teeth grinding, how to avoid damaging your teeth, good dental health practices for your children to learn and our special offer for Invisalign patients.

Improve your chances at job interviews - MSC August Newsletter

On this month's newsletter you'll find how you can increase your chances of being successful at an interview and an Invisalign braces offer...

How to avoid Dental Implants - MSC's July Newsletter

This month's newsletter contains tips for avoiding dental implants and making yourself more kissable...

MSC - How Important is Your Smile?

Welcome to Midlands Smile Centres June newsletter. This month’s issue contains information on Working at MSC...

Midlands Smile Centres' May Newsletter

The May Newsletter has information on your Diet and Oral Hygiene, National Smile Month, Working at MSC and Orthodontic FAQs.

Midlands Smile Centres' Bank Holiday Opening Times

Check out our latest Bank Holiday Opening Times.

Midlands Smile Centres' April Newsletter

The April Newsletter comprises information on Child Dental Care, DIY Dentistry, Working at MSC and Invisalign.

Midlands Smile Centres' March Newsletter

The Easter Newsletter covers the Easter holidays, cosmetic services for your wedding and FAQs on dental implants.

Midlands Smile Centres' February Newsletter

February's Newsletter contains information on Valentines day, bank holiday opening times and Invisalign.

Midlands Smile Centres' January Newsletter

January's Newsletter contains information about improving dental health and home dental check-ups.

Find our past news here.

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