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December Newsletter

Happy Christmas we hope you are almost ready for the festive season. This month's newsletter contains important news about Christmas opening hours, ways to look good at Christmas and New Year parties, dental tips for all those Christmas treats and job vacancies at Midlands Smile Centres.

Dreaming of a White Christmas?

We can't do anything about the snow (or lack of) but our experienced, qualified and professional dentists can give you a whiter smile for Christmas for the special offer price of £243.

We will create special whitening trays especially for your mouth and the gel so that you can whiten them at home. Just wear the trays for roughly one hour a day until you are happy with the colour of your teeth.

Some patients will take longer than others to achieve the desired result, and not everyone's teeth are suitable so please contact us today for an assessment.

white christmas teeth

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Dental Tip

With Christmas coming you may be worried about the relationship between sweet treats and tooth decay.

But you don't have to deny yourselves the treats, you just have to watch how often you eat them. You can keep tooth decay at bay by keeping a four hour gap in between each sweet treat to allow your teeth time to recover.

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Emergency Number

We mentioned it last month, but we thought it was worth mentioning again; our emergency number has changed.

Please make sure you delete the old number and make a note of the new one - 07960 344 510.

Look your best for Christmas

before after restylane

Looking great can have a huge impact on your confidence, especially with all the social events over Christmas. That's why we offer the latest facial aesthetic treatments in addition to our cosmetic dentistry. These treatments help soften expression lines and define facial contours, making you appear younger and more vibrant.

All our treatments are competitively priced and conducted by our in house facial surgeon, get in touch to find out more look your best over the festive season.

Investment Bond

Letter of the month

Another month, and another lovely letter, thank you Sally for your encouraging feedback:

"I visited the Sheaf Lane practice on Wednesday and just wanted to say how I impressed I was with the staff and the Dental Surgeon. They were so friendly, informative and polite. We often complain when things go wrong but don't always take the time to give credit when it is due.

I just wanted you to know that you have a fantastic staff team at Sheaf Lane and that I would highly recommended that practice to anyone looking for a fast, professional and friendly service.” Sally - Sheldon

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We are currently seeking Dentists, Nurses, and Receptionists. You can view all our vacancies here.

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Public Holiday Opening Hours

Midlands Smile Centre's will be closed on public holidays over the Christmas and New Year period. If you are having any indications of problems with your teeth please try to arrange an appointment as soon as you can. You are still able to make use of the Emergency Number on public holidays. We hope you are able to enjoy the festive season without needing emergency dental care.

On Public Holidays the practice listed below can be contacted for emergency dental care.
Both new and existing patients are able to make use of this extended service.

Date Holiday Practice Opening times Contact Number

We wish you a happy Christmas and joy filled New Year - All the team at Midlands Smile Centres.

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