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New Year, New Smile in Time for Valentines

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January Newsletter

We're already deep into January, hopefully you're still keeping up with your New Year's resolutions. If improving your health was on your list, did you consider your dental health?

MSC Dentists

Forming Good Habits in 2019

Congratulations to those of you who have managed to keep to your resolutions so far this year. You will probably be able to keep them for the whole year because of this. Habit forming is a powerful tool in bringing about change. How are your dental habits going? Are you managing to floss and keep sugary snacks to meal times?

There are many health benefits which can be obtained from good dental health habits, including a reduced risk of problems such as: diabetes, obesity, arthritis, heart disease, pregnancy complications, and respiratory illness, to name a few.

One very easy way to improve your dental health is a visit to the hygienist. To make this beneficial service even easier for you to access we have just reduced the price of our hygienist appointments by 10%.

Book your appointment today with one of our experienced hygienists, so you can look forward to the thought of leaving your appointment with a thoroughly clean smile.

February Half Term Children's Days

Children's Days

Over February our practices will be running a series of children's days. During these days, children will be able to dress up in their favourite outfit whilst having their dental check-up. Some of the practices will be running competitions for colouring or best outfit. There will also be oral health talks running throughout the day, to help your child learn how to take the best possible care of their teeth.

Date Practice Events
18/02/2019 Sheldon Fancy Dress,
Colouring Competition,
Oral Health Chat 2:45pm - 3:15pm
20/02/2019 Handsworth Wood Fancy Dress,
Colouring Competition

More details will be published on the practices Facebook page, which can be found via the links above. 

Back to School Sports Guard

With the winter season in full swing and your children heading back to school, it may be time to consider a new sports guard to protect your child's teeth during their sporting activities. 

Sports guards are created by moulding thermoplastic around the teeth and gums. This helps to safeguard their teeth when playing sports such as rugby and hockey. 

Book your child in for an appointment today to ensure they have their sports guard ready for when they need it.    

Preparing For Valentines Day

Valentine's Day is just weeks away. You may already be planning how you can look your absolute best to impress that special someone. Have you been looking at all the signs of wisdom in the mirror and wondering if you could roll back the years? MSC have dentists who are able to help you pick the most complimentary treatments from a range of facial aesthetics.

Preparing For Valentines Day

Facial aesthetics are an increasingly popular way to enhance your smile. You may not have been aware these services were available at your local practice. Our dentist can help you feel relaxed while discussing how you can achieve the best results from our range of aesthetic treatment. Whether that's wrinkle reduction or dermal fillings, there is a service available that can either enhance your appearance or help you achieve a more youthful look.

Have a discussion in confidence with our dentist and recapture your youthful appearance. Book a consultation

Tooth Whitening Offer at Sheldon and Handsworth Wood

Tooth Whitening Offer

For those of you who love a bargain, both our Sheldon and Handsworth Wood practices will be offering discounted Pola Tooth Whitening from the 1st to the 22nd of February. Book your appointment today to have tailored trays and a treatment plan created by one of our experienced dentists for only £199

Welcome Back Kim

We're pleased to announce that Kim, a long-serving nurse at our Selly Oak practice, has returned to work full time after taking an extended leave of absence. Kim is a well-known member of the team and we know many of our patients like to see her at their appointments. The whole team at Selly Oak are delighted to have Kim back with us. Welcome back Kim!

Keep up to date with everything happening at our Selly Oak MSC practice by following Selly Oak's Facebook page. There is news, offer and useful information posted here that you won't see anywhere else.

Sugar-Free Pancake Toppings

Shrove Tuesday (also known as Pancake Day) is on the 5th March this year, try a healthier alternative to your pancake toppings this year by using some of these sugar-free toppings.

  • No added sugar peanut butter topped with slices of banana
  • Fruits, nuts, seeds or berries with Greek yoghurt
  • Sliced banana and grated dark chocolate
  • Almond butter and sliced strawberries
  • Blackberries and honey.

Holiday Open Hours

On Public Holidays the practice listed below can be contacted for emergency dental care.
Both new and existing patients are able to make use of this extended service.

Date Holiday Practice Opening times Contact Number

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