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July Newsletter

Welcome to Midlands Smile Centres July newsletter. This month's issue contains tips for avoiding dental implants, how to make yourself more kissable, about Dr Suresh Chohan and also why you should quit smoking.

Avoiding Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Tooth loss is an awful experience that can happen to anyone. However, there are several leading factors in tooth loss, and by addressing these you can dramatically decrease the chance of losing teeth. You can avoid a dental implant by:

  1. Regularly brushing and flossing your teeth.
  2. Visiting your dentist on a regular basis.
  3. Improving your general health lifestyle, by quitting smoking, improving your diet and losing weight.
  4. Protecting yourself against physical trauma, by wearing gum shields during sports and avoiding chewing on hard objects such as pencils.
  5. Seeing your dentist as soon as possible if you experience pains in your mouth or other dental problems.

Unfortunately, sometimes the worst does happen, and you can find yourself a tooth short. That's why we offer Dental Implants, which is generally considered the best treatment for a missing tooth.

Contact your local Midlands Smile Centres to arrange an appointment. There you can discuss whether Dental Implants are for you with one of our many highly skilled dentists, such as Dr Suresh Chohan.

About Dr Suresh Chohan

Dr Chohan

Dr Suresh Chohan is a Dental Practitioner, Dental Implant Surgeon and Cosmetic Dentist operating at the Selly Oak branch of Midlands Smile Centres. He has an interest in using dental techniques such as dental implants and cosmetic dentistry to give patients their desired smile.

Dr Chohan has been with the Midlands Smile Centres family since 2008 and has a great relationship with his patients and fellow staff. This is due to his informative and relaxed style when dealing with patients, and also the many fantastic results that he's achieved.

You can see what one of Dr Chohan's many happy patients thought of his treatment by watching the video below.

Ron's story - Implant treatment by Dr Suresh Chohan (Selly Oak)

Make Yourself More Kissable

A good kiss starts with your oral hygiene. Having a healthy mouth and good breath can really improve your kissing experience for both you and your partner. Here are some tips to improve your dental hygiene, so you can make your next kiss one to remember.

1. Good breath is a must, and can be achieved easily.

Daily brushing of your teeth with toothpaste containing fluoride and regular flossing can remove food particles from your mouth, and keep your mouth healthy. Keeping to daily habits like this can really do wonders for your dental hygiene.

2. You should also make sure to clean your tongue regularly.

Harmful bacteria can live on your tongue, protected by the rough surface. Cleaning your tongue is as easy as brushing it during your normal brush of your teeth. However, you can also get tongue cleaning tools. Talk to your dentist to see if these are for you.

Kissable Tips

3. One useful trick for keeping your mouth fresh and also healthy is chewing sugarfree gum.

Chewing gum after a meal can remove any food particles left over in your mouth, and can also help you produce more saliva. Saliva is great for removing bad smells from your mouth, and can also kill bacteria. Not to mention that your breath will smell of mint, which can be very pleasant for your partner.

4. Make sure to visit your dentist, and see the hygienist regularly.

This really is one of the best ways to combat harmful bacteria in your mouth. Your dentist can identify any threats to your oral health, so you can deal with them early and prevent loss of teeth, gum disease and other problems.

We hope that by following these tips, you can make your next kiss a great one. If you have any questions, make sure to contact your local Midlands Smile Centres.

Quit Smoking

Smoking has been proven to lead to lots of different health problems, including dental health. If you smoke, you could find yourself with:

  • Bad breath
  • Tooth discolouration
  • A higher chance of developing gum disease, a large cause of tooth loss
  • A lower chance of a successful dental implant
  • A greater risk of developing oral cancer

Getting rid of this habit could seriously reduce risks to your overall health. The sooner you stop smoking, the sooner you can appreciate the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

Working at MSC

If you're looking for work, a dental career could be just for you. Have a look at our current openings.

Read what our staff have to say about working at Midlands Smile Centres:

I love working for Midlands Smile Centres Selly Oak, the staff are very welcoming and the atmosphere is friendly. We work well as a team and always try to provide the best care for patients.

Dr Khan - Dentist

Public Holiday Opening Hours

On Public Holidays the practices listed below can be contacted for emergency dental care. New and existing patients are able to make use of this extended service.

Date Holiday Practice Opening times Contact Number
29/08/16 Summer Bank Holiday Northfield   10am - 1pm   0121 475 5179
26/03/16 Christmas Eve Selly Oak
Kings Heath
  10am - 5pm
  10am - 1pm
  0121 414 1551
  0121 444 1928
25/12/16 Christmas Day Selly Oak   10am - 5pm   0121 414 1551
26/12/16 Boxing Day Selly Oak   10am - 5pm   0121 414 1551
27/12/16 Bank Holiday Selly Oak   10am - 5pm   0121 414 1551
31/12/16 New Year's Eve Kings Heath   9am - 1pm   0121 444 1928
01/01/17 New Year's Day Selly Oak   10am - 5pm   0121 414 1551

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