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Summer Hydration

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July Newsletter

Summer is in full swing. The hot weather continues to shine bringing a smile to the people of Birmingham. It's important, however, to remember to hydrate yourself in this warm weather. Below are some great ways to stay cool and hydrated during what is one of the hottest summers on record.

Summer Hydration

We all know how important it is to stay cool and hydrated in this heat. The human body is around 75% water and therefore, constant access to water is key to keeping your body in tip-top shape. Here's some simple ways to ensure that you stay hydrated this summer.

Selly Oak Team

Tip 1 - Take water with you: Its always good practice to keep a bottle of water on you as you cant always guarantee you will find clean and accessible water where you end up.

Tip 2 - Avoid pop and sugary drinks: They may seem like a good idea at the time, but these drinks can actually dehydrate you further due to their sugary content. It's also much healthier for your teeth and gums.

Tip 3 - Get your fill before you head out: Drink as much as you can before you head out in the hot weather. This way your body is starting the day with a good amount of water and should help you to sustain the hot sun for a little longer.

Tip 4 - The more the better: It's common knowledge that the average person should consume about 8 eight-ounce cups of water a day, which is about 2 litres. With the heat we have been experiencing these past weeks however, we suggest that Between 12-15 eight-ounce glasses of water or about 6 pints keeps your body healthy.   

For more dental health tips, visit our dental tips page

Free Dental Implant Consultations

MSC is offering free consultations with our implant surgeons in July and August. You may have seen free consultations offers from other providers, however, these are often with an implant coordinator who is not actually an implant surgeon. MSC will enable you to ask questions directly to the dentist who will actually place your implant. You can book a personal consultation today with one of our highly trained dental implant surgeons. Dr Chohan (Right) is available at our Selly Oak practice or Dr Dhaliwal (Left) at our Kings Heath practice.

Summer Holidays

Have your children had a recent dental appointment? As we approach the summer break, you should consider booking an appointment during the holidays. By doing this, your child doesn't miss any time for valuable learning, and we can book you an appointment at a time that suits you.

Head over to our website where you can book an appointment at your local MSC practice. 

Meet The Dentist

Hear what Farah had to say about Dr Patel -

first-quote Dr Patel is an excellent dentist who is calm and professional. He is always cheerful and explains any treatments clearly. Procedures are carried out with care and attention, without unnecessary fuss. last-quote

You can read more about Dr Patel here.

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Both new and existing patients are able to make use of this extended service.

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