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Dental Implants FAQs

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Easter Newsletter

Welcome to Midlands Smile Centres Easter newsletter. This month’s issue contains dental implant FAQs and information on Easter, Weddings and school holidays.


The Easter holidays are fast approaching, which means chocolate! Whilst enjoying this delicious holiday, proper care still needs to be taken of your own and your children’s teeth.

We all love to indulge in some chocolate, however, this should only be done in moderation. Chocolate contains lots of sugar, which can be bad for your teeth. You should also ideally only eat chocolate as part of a meal, maybe as a desert. This is so the saliva that you produce when you eat can help break down the harmful substances in the chocolate.

It’s vitally important that you keep up with your daily dental routine over Easter. With all the extra sweet foods that you eat over this period, your teeth are more likely to be damaged, so brushing twice a day is very important. If you eat a lot of sugary foods during your meal, ensure you leave half an hour before brushing your teeth, as you can damage your teeth due to them being softer after you eat.

You can also try some alternatives to chocolate Easter eggs for your kids, such as: Sugar-free gum or a cuddly toy. Easter doesn’t need to have chocolate to be fun!



Your big day is one you’ll never forget, so why not make your smile look incredible so you can look back at your wedding photos, happy with your appearance.

At Midlands Smile Centres, we offer a range of non-invasive cosmetic services, to make your smile shine.

Services that we offer include teeth whitening, veneers and Invisalign’s invisible braces. Visit your local practice to discuss with your dentist what treatment would be best for you.

School Holidays

Have you booked your kids next dental appointment? By booking their check-up for the school holidays, your kids don’t have to miss any vital education time.

Dental Implant FAQs

What are dental implants?
Implants are used to support one or more false teeth. Like normal tooth roots, they are placed in the jawbone.

Are they safe?
Dental implants have been an established practice for a very long time, and as a result they are very safe.

How long do they last?
Similar to your natural teeth, dental implants will last, so long as you take care of them.

How long does treatment take?
Due to variance, your dentist will give you a rough timescale of the treatment.

Where can I go for implants?
Implants are provided at both our Selly Oak and King’s Heath practices. With a track record of over 5000 conducted dental implant procedures, Midlands Smile Centres should be the first place you visit for implants.

Visit Midlands Smile Centres to find out more about dental implants, and if they are the right option for you.

Extended Opening Hours

Can’t make it to the dentist during the day? Some of our practices offer extended opening hours. Visit our website to check the extended opening hours of your local practice.

Public Holiday Opening Hours

On Public Holidays the practices listed below can be contacted for emergency dental care. New and existing patients are able to make use of this extended service.

Date Holiday Practice Opening times Contact Number
25/03/16 Good Friday Handsworth Wood   9am - 6pm   0121 554 0474
26/03/16 Easter Saturday Selly Oak
Kings Heath
  10am - 5pm
  10am - 1pm
  0121 414 1551
  0121 444 1928
27/03/16 Easter Sunday Selly Oak   10am - 5pm   0121 414 1551
28/03/16 Easter Monday Handsworth Wood   9am - 6pm   0121 554 0474
02/05/16 May Bank Holiday Sheldon   10am - 1pm   0121 743 5516
30/05/16 Spring Bank Holiday West Heath   9am - 6pm   0121 476 0976
29/08/16 Summer Bank Holiday Northfield   10am - 1pm   0121 475 5179
26/03/16 Christmas Eve Selly Oak
Kings Heath
  10am - 5pm
  10am - 1pm
  0121 414 1551
  0121 444 1928
25/12/16 Christmas Day Selly Oak   10am - 5pm   0121 414 1551
26/12/16 Boxing Day Selly Oak   10am - 5pm   0121 414 1551
27/12/16 Bank Holiday Selly Oak   10am - 5pm   0121 414 1551
31/12/16 New Year's Eve Kings Heath   9am - 1pm   0121 444 1928
01/01/17 New Year's Day Selly Oak   10am - 5pm   0121 414 1551

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