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October Newsletter

Welcome to Midlands Smile Centres October newsletter. This month’s issue contains information about tooth whitening, invisible braces, patient testimonials and some great news about Dr Virdee.

Look 12 Years Younger for Only £243

Experts say that having bad teeth not only ages your body it also makes you appear on average 12 years older.

Researchers believe stains caused by smoking, drinking coffee or red wine and generally not brushing your teeth correctly to be the cause of people overestimating your age.


If you have a healthy set of pearly white teeth, however, people are more likely to believe that you look younger than you actually are.

A panel of 1,000 Dentists carried out a study on photos of models. Some of the pictures showed the models with light or heavy staining and in some they had white teeth.

When a photo of a model in her 30s was shown, the panel roughly estimated her age to be 43 with her teeth being heavily stained, 37 with her teeth mildly stained and 31 with perfect white teeth. The panel were also shown a male model in his 30s who was estimated to be 28 with nice white teeth, 32 with some staining to his teeth and 38 with a great deal of heavy staining to his teeth, a difference of 10 years.

If you are worried about how old your teeth are making you look, or just want to feel fresh and young again, then Midlands Smile Centres offer a wide range of teeth whitening treatments which can enhance your smile. Our highly experienced and qualified Dentists will assess you to determine which treatment would best suit you. Our tooth whitening treatment is now on special offer at £243.

Patient Testimonials

patient testimonials
We love reading your kind feedback. Here are two of our favourites from October.

“Friendly and helpful - willing to discuss treatments and redone my fillings without any issues.” Hanna – Northfield

“Ensured treatment was right for me - Great work on my teeth, helped me make the right decisions and done a fantastic job on restoring my smile.” Victoria - Selly Oak

Invisible Braces from £68 per month

invisible braces
Would you like straighter teeth? Have you considered braces but don't like the way they look?

Midlands Smile Centres in Birmingham and Alcester now offer Invisalign’s nearly invisible alternative to traditional braces. This is a modern hi-tech alternative which uses transparent removable ‘clear aligners’. Invisalign is just as effective as traditional braces and nearly invisible so now you can have straighter teeth without unsightly braces.

These clear aligners are made specifically for your teeth by our experienced Orthodontists. Based on moulds taken of your teeth, they fit closely, making them both comfortable and discrete. The treatment involves a succession of slightly different aligners, each one bringing your teeth closer to your desired smile. Before you agree to the treatment you can see the plan in detail, using the Invisalign 3D modelling system.

Being nearly invisible is not the only advantage Invisalign clear aligners have over traditional braces; they are also removable, which makes eating and cleaning considerably easier than other types of braces.

Most MSC practices offer free Consultations. Would you like to come in and have a chat with one of our orthodontic specialists about whether Invisalign would work for you.

Five Mistakes People Make Whitening their Teeth

1. Using tooth whitening products that do not contain the correct amount of peroxide. At our Midlands Smile Centre practice’s, we use the latest tooth whitening gels that use the legally safe amount of peroxide.

2. Having an unqualified professional carry out the treatment. It is illegal for anyone other than GDC registered dental professionals, to sell or apply teeth whitening treatments. In all our MSC practice’s, we are fully trained and insured to make sure we deliver the best treatment to our patients, in a safe and trustworthy environment.

3. Using poorly fitted trays, not made by dentists, which will result in unpredictable results. We only use high quality dental labs to make our bespoke trays. The better the fitting tray, the more predictable the result.

4. Not attending regular check-ups before the treatment, which could result in damage to teeth and gums. Only a qualified dentist can make sure you are not causing any risk to your teeth by ensuring your mouth is healthy before starting treatment.

5. Failing to get crowns and fillings checked to make sure the colours will match after tooth whitening. Getting professional advice before you start treatment is vital to confirm you have all the information about how the end result may look so that you can plan to have fillings and crowns treated afterwards, if necessary.

Congratulations Dr Virdee

Patients at the Sheldon practice may know Dr Virdee. Dr Virdee has the honour of being nominated for a dental professional award, at the annual Asian Professional Awards

The Asian Professional Awards pay tribute to inspirational individuals from the Asian community, who contribute invaluable skills in every sector of our national life. This year there were just under 4,000 nominations and votes received.

Congratulations to Dr Virdee on this great achievement from Midlands Smile Centres.

Savings Bond

Savings Bond
Click this link to find out more about the Savings Bond.

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