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  • We offer free consultations with an actual implant surgeon.
  • We only use high quality implants.
  • MSC has over 30 years’ experience with this treatment.
  • We can offer the no scalpel technique.
  • We offer pay monthly finance, from £45.05/month.
  • We don’t charge for using a credit card.
  • We have extended opening hours.
  • We have two highly experienced implant surgeons.
  • We can handle complex cases.
  • We have great reviews.

Implanted Dentures

The traditional solution to losing all your teeth would be for you to have a full set of removable dentures to substitute for them. Removable dentures are a definite improvement on no teeth, however, they can also be problematic.

One of the problems of removable dentures is the fact that they move in the mouth because they are not fixed in place. This can cause rubbing and discomfort, as well as making it tricky to bite and masticate certain foods.

Another problem, which is less well recognised, is the fact that when teeth are lost and their roots are no longer implanted into the jawbone, the size of the jawbone reduces. This change in the jawbone will result in an altered smile and may cause premature ageing in those who have worn dentures for a significant period of time.

Dental Implants Birmingham are offering a new solution using the latest technology and research. With the use of dental implants to fix your dentures to the bone, we are able to fit hi-tech fixed or removable dentures in your mouth which will operate much more like your own teeth.

Ron's story - Implant treatment by Dr Suresh Chohan (Selly Oak)

Start quote This was the first time I've been here. Everyone has been amazing. I'm a nervous patient so this wasn't an easy experience for me. From the minute I walked through the door I felt comfortable. Thanks again, everyone! End quote

Laura - Selly Oak Implant Centre

Start quote I have recently had an implant at this practice. Dr Chohan is amazing. He provided excellent treatment. The rest of the practice is lovely, everyone is very welcoming and friendly. I was very pleased with the overall service. End quote

Grace - Selly Oak Implant Centre

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Why Have Denture Implants

Dental implants, as the name suggests, are implanted, or fixed to the jawbone, in the same way as natural teeth are. This means that they are stable and will not shift, rock or move in the mouth.

They feel and function much more like your own teeth, thus making eating and speaking much easier and more natural. It also means that the jawbone does not recede to the same extent that it usually would in response to the loss of teeth.

Advantages of Implanted Dentures

  • Similar function to natural teeth.
  • Look like normal teeth.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Comfortable and stable unlike traditional dentures.
  • You can eat anything you choose!

The Procedure

To begin with, your dentist will examine you to make sure that your mouth and jaw are suitable for implanted dentures.

Once they have ascertained that you are able to have implanted dentures they will take X-rays of your mouth, which will be used to discover the best place for the implants. Your dentist will then take a mould of your mouth, to ensure that your new teeth fit you perfectly.

Next, the implants will be fixed into the jawbone. These are titanium screws or cylinders which will form new “roots” for your implanted dentures. You will need between 4 and 6 “roots” for the upper jaw and the same number again for the lower jaw.

Over the following two to six months the bone is left to heal around the implants, bonding with them and establishing a secure bedrock for your new teeth. In the meantime, a temporary denture is provided to be worn over the implants whilst they are healing.

Dr Chohan implants

When the implants are healed and established, they are uncovered and extensions are attached. These extensions are the connections that the new teeth will be fixed to. When the extensions have been attached, another two weeks of healing will be required.

There are various types of extensions or connections for fitting the new teeth. Some are clipped on to a bar, others are snapped on to a ball extension, whilst others are simple tightened down.

Some dental implants are designed as a single piece - extension and root together. This means that the new teeth can be fitted immediately after the first healing period. During your initial consultation we will discuss with you which system is most suitable for you.

Finally, the full set of custom-made teeth is attached to the implants, ready for your immediate use.

After an initial period of adjustment, you will quickly get used to your new teeth and their natural feel.

All patients are different, so here at MSC we will endeavour to make sure that the plan for your Denture Implants is tailor-made for your mouth.

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