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Denture Name Tags at MSC

Denture name tags can and are commonly overlooked and forgotten by many, simply because at the time they may not seem like a necessary purchase. Because dentures are a very personal item, a basic form of tagging could aid in identification of dentures and prevention of embarrassing moments due to misplacement.

What Are Denture Name Tags?

Denture Name Tags are markings that are made to dentures to display the name of the owner of the dentures. There can be different ways in which these name tags are applied to the dentures. MSC will ensure that the dentures are clearly identified through the use of our Denture Name Tags.

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Why Are They Useful?

If you are someone that has dentures, or if you have relatives that use dentures, Denture Name Tags may be an idea you wish to pursue, as the marking of the denture owner's name can help dentures to be located more easily if lost, and can easily avoid situations where dentures become confused with dentures belonging to others. This could be especially helpful in regards to those with elderly relatives who are living in a care home environment. Enabling easy identification, Denture Name Tags also allow the owner of the dentures to form a unique dental record.

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About MSC

MSC- Midlands Smile Centres- are a Birmingham based dentists that have a number of practices located around the city. MSC boasts a team of highly skilled, highly experienced dentists that are capable of performing a range of treatments to the highest of standards. Aside from their impressive experience and consistent emphasis on the putting the patient first, Midlands Smile Centres also offer a Smile Plan, which makes the treatments that they offer more affordable for all budgets.

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