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What are Endodontics?

Endodontics (also called root canal treatment) is an aspect of dentistry that is not well known by the general public. This is due to it not being a popular topic of further studies for dentists, meaning it can be hard to find a dentist who specialises in this field. An endodontist is a specialist in diagnosing tooth pain and repairing damaged dental pulp. These dentists are at the top of their profession and are required to complete an additional 2 to 3 years of training before they receive their endodontist title.

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What is Dental Pulp?

An uncommon phrase to hear even at a dental practice is ‘dental pulp’. Dental pulp is a tissue that can be found inside your teeth, and contains nerves and blood cells which help to deliver vitamins and minerals to the teeth to keep them strong and healthy. Dental pulp is often referred to as the teeth’s ‘legs’ or ‘roots’. as the tissue extends from the centre of the tooth, down and into the gums. It is this substance which endodontists spend years of their life learning about.

Why are Endodontists Referred to as Specialists?

The answer to this question is quite simple. The endodontic specialist spends years of their life completing advanced training for this very specific form of treatment. This can be said for many other forms of dental treatment such as orthodontists and implantologists. It is said that while all endodontic specialists are dentists, only about 3% of dentists know endodontics.

Does Endodontic Treatment Hurt?

During root canal treatment, you’ll receive some local anaesthetic which means that it should feel just the same as having a filling. Your dentist can also provide painkillers after the treatment to help with the healing process.

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What Does Endodontics Involve?

Root canal treatment varies from person to person, and the exact process can change depending on the end goal. There are however fundamental steps that will be taken during the process.

Firstly, your teeth will be assessed and checked which will help your dentist determine whether a root canal is the right treatment for you. From here you can expect another 2 visits to complete this service.

During the following appointment, your endodontist will remove the infected dental pulp in your teeth and drain any abscesses that may have formed. This is done to prevent another infection and to alleviate pain. Finally, your dentist will shape and fill the hole with a false filling which will be changed at your final appointment. It is wise to take pain killers for a number of days after this procedure to help the recovery process.

At the following appointment; which will usually be once the inflammation has healed, the tooth is checked for infection. If the infection has gone the tooth can be permanently refilled with a rubber compound and the procedure is complete.

How Much Does Endodontic Treatment Cost?

Endodontic (root canal) treatment starts from £350.

Type of Treatment Smile Plan Price Normal Price
Endodontics £315 to £630 £350 to £700

Why Would I Need Endodontics?

While root canal treatment is not a common form of dental treatment, it has its place in the world of dentistry. Endodontics is used as a method to remove infection and pain in the teeth and gums. It does this by physically removing infected tissue. The benefit of root canal treatment is that it does this without the need to remove or replace a tooth providing less damage to a person smile and giving a more natural look to your smile. Many dentists prefer to repair teeth rather than remove and replace them.

Where Can I Find an Endodontist?

While it can be difficult to find a dentist who has received years of advanced training in this field, Midlands Smile Centres have specialist dentists in the field of endodontics. Contacting your local MSC today will put you a step closer to your ideal smile; we can help you determine which procedures are right for you and your smile.

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