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Dermal Fillers

Dermal Filler injections involve injecting certain volumes of dermal filler into depressed area of wrinkles in order to lift and raise the skin, so that they soften or disappear completely. Thicker dermal fillers can last much longer and are perfect for returning volume to areas that need reshaping and returning to their more youthful form, such as the cheeks. Softer, thinner fillers are essential in more technique sensitive areas like the peri oral (smoker's lines) to ensure this area doesn't get over treated, leaving you with a natural looking correction.

Typical areas for dermal fillers include nasolabial folds(the nose to mouth lines), marrionette lines (drooping mouth corners), lips from reshaping to simple volume restoration, perioral lines (known as smoker's lines).

Midlands Smile Centres facial treatments before and after

LIPS: As with all other areas of the face, the lips are not immune to the effect of ageing. Fine rhytides appear in the upper lip, creating a smudged appearance between the lip edge and the surrounding skin. The philtrum and Cupid's bow lose definition and the lips become inverted. Options for aesthetic enhancement include augmenting the philtrum, increasing lip height, re-shaping the Cupid's bow and improving the lip contours, all of which can be achieved with dermal filler.

However, dissatisfaction with lip shape or size is not necessarily associated with ageing. In my practice, I increasingly see younger women looking to enhance their appearance with lip augmentation. One of the biggest problems with lip treatments today is that they have the potential to make lips look unnatural. We've all seen the ‘trout pout’ and the over-augmented ‘rubber tyre’ look. A good treatment should always ensure that the lips are in harmony, balance and proportion with the overall size and shape of the face. 1. Create Heart Shape lips Heart Lips™ is not a treatment for every woman; it is the finishing touch for the woman who really cares about how she looks. Heart Lips™ is inspired by nature and emulates the heart-shaped lips seen in some of the world's most beautiful women.

Midlands Smile Centres facial treatments before and after

The Service

The treatment time is typically 30 minutes long. You will also want to allow 30 minutes for an assessment and application of the topical anaesthetic. Your medical history will be reviewed prior to undergoing any treatments to check for suitability.

The treatment itself involves :

  1. Applying anaesthetic to the skin
  2. Cleansing the skin
  3. Administering the dermal filler into the skin depression or wrinkle
  4. Cleansing the skin
  5. Making your 2 week follow up (Anti Wrinkle Treatment and Lip fillers only). You are invited back for a filler review, but this it isn't a requirement.

Midlands Smile Centres facial treatments before and after

Typical Questions Patients Have :

Is it safe?

Dermal fillers are man-made and so the likelihood of allergic reactions are virtually non-existent. Gone are the days of animal based fillers where a test patch was necessary to test for reactions.

Does it hurt?

We use topical anaesthetics that are very effective when applied for the correct length of time. Some dermal fillers also contain a local anaesthetic for improved pain relief. Some areas like the lips warrant an anaesthetic, so this will be offered as part of your treatment at no extra charge.

How much does it cost?

The cost will vary depending on the treatment area and the number of syringes that are required. Not only that but your expectations of the type of result you would like, will determine the number of syringes that we use. You will be given an accurate price during your consultation.

How does it work?

Dermal Fillers basically lift and plump the skin. As the hyaluronic acid is also hydrophilic, it will further hydrate by drawing water to the area.

How long does it last?

This depends on the type of filler used. For example the thinner fillers won't last as long as the thicker fillers. As there are 9 varieties in viscosities, this varies from 2 months to 18 months.

How will my skin look?

Initially the skin will look red and raised for the first day. This can rapidly disappear after an hour on some clients but last the full day on others. The level of lift given by the filler will be seen immediately after the treatment, although it will start to hydrate afterwards.

What are the side effects?

Common side effects are associated with skin trauma caused by the needle, which are tenderness, swelling and bruising. Bruising is more susceptible around the marrionette lines and the lower cheeks.

What should I look out for in the different brands of dermal fillers that clinics are offering?

As most dermal fillers are prescription only, then we cannot mention them on the website due to the legalities associated with prescription drugs. However, you must ask your practitioner how long the dermal filler has been on the market and what is the safety profile of the dermal filler. A good guide is a dermal filler that has been in the industry for 10 years and has a good safety record.

What is Restylane?

Restylane is a brand of hyaluronic acid dermal filler manufactured by QMed/Galderma.

What is Scultpra?

Sculptra is a brand of dermal filler that stimulates the collagen. This needs to be achieved over several treatments over a period of 3 months and takes up to 10 months to achieve the maximum results.

Can the same results as Sculptra be achieved with anything else?

Yes, the hyaluronic acid dermal fillers vary in viscosity and can achieve the revolumising effect instantly, so no need to wait 10 months!

Midlands Smile Centres facial treatments before and after

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