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Gold Implants in Birmingham

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Dental Implants in Birmingham

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  • We offer free consultations with an actual implant surgeon.
  • We only use high quality implants.
  • MSC has over 30 years’ experience with this treatment.
  • We can offer the no scalpel technique.
  • We offer pay monthly finance, from £45.05/month.
  • We don’t charge for using a credit card.
  • We have extended opening hours.
  • We have two highly experienced implant surgeons.
  • We can handle complex cases.
  • We have great reviews.

Gold Teeth and Implants from MSC

At Midland Smile Centres, we can offer you services for gold teeth that will adorn your smile with the style you are looking for. Gold implants work in the same way that ordinary implants do, with the exception that gold implants will make your teeth really stand out visually as well. So, if you are someone who likes the appearance of a gold enhanced smile and wants to achieve this look now, Midland Smile Centres might just be the best place to go for this special type of treatment.

Gold teeth implants are made up of two parts: the implant and the gold tooth. The implant is made of titanium and the gold tooth part that is visible will be made using a gold alloy. This alloy is made from an amalgamation of different materials such as silver, copper, palladium, platinum and zinc. The reason that other metals are combined with gold is that pure gold is very soft, and the use of extra metals give strength to the crown.

Once a gold implant is fixed during treatment, it cannot be removed. A gold implant generally provides the same kind of function as conventional implants but brings an extra visual touch to the appearance of your teeth. As is the case with other dental implants, gold teeth implants will not create a strain on your surrounding teeth in the way that bridges do. This is due to the fact that gold teeth implants are fixed into the jawbone and not onto the other natural teeth in your mouth.

Gold crown

Gold teeth can also be opted for due to reasons that are not cosmetic. Gold alloys offer greater durability and are therefore suitable for use on the back teeth (molars) as these teeth are involved in most of the chewing of food. As they are on the molars they are less noticeable, which may also be preferable to some people.

At MSC we offer several other gold services: Gold inlays (or inserts); gold crowns; custom crown designs and gold veneers. In cases where patients have a cavity but the surrounding tooth is healthy, gold inlays (or inserts) can be placed into the hole inside the tooth. Gold crowns on the other hand can take the place of stained or worn crowns, and will provide a restorative, protective effect for your teeth, while gold veneers are placed over teeth to make a noticeable cosmetic impact.

For those that are seeking that golden smile, gold teeth and implants are available from Midland Smile Centres. With our highly qualified, experienced dentists, we can provide you with gold teeth and implants, to give you the smile you desire. Please get in touch with your local Midlands Smile Centres practice today to ask any questions you may have about these services.

Start quote This was the first time I've been here. Everyone has been amazing. I'm a nervous patient so this wasn't an easy experience for me. From the minute I walked through the door I felt comfortable. Thanks again, everyone! End quote

Laura - Selly Oak Implant Centre

Start quote I have recently had an implant at this practice. Dr Chohan is amazing. He provided excellent treatment. The rest of the practice is lovely, everyone is very welcoming and friendly. I was very pleased with the overall service. End quote

Grace - Selly Oak Implant Centre

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