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Gold Services from MSC

Our Gold Services from Midlands Smile Centres include:

Gold Implants

Gold teeth implants consist of a titanium implant and a gold tooth. The implant is screwed into the jawbone and the tooth is fixed onto the implant. Gold teeth implants cannot be removed. They generally offer the same kind of function as normal implants and may be chosen for the obvious visual touch that they can bring to teeth. As with other dental implants, gold teeth implants do not create a strain on your surrounding teeth in the way that bridges do, due to the fact that they fixed into your jawbone and not onto the other natural teeth in your mouth.

Gold Crowns/Custom Crown Design

Gold crowns can improve what is felt to be an unsatisfactory appearance, and they can replace any crowns that have become worn or stained. At Midland Smile Centres, our custom crown design will make sure that your new crowns suit you perfectly.

Gold crowns are also a way of restoring your teeth. It is a form of treatment that can alleviate problems with your teeth that are a result of decay, undergoing root canal treatment or severe loss of tooth surface. Crowns can also be used to help teeth that are at risk of disintegrating, as well as those that are highly restored but require extra protection.

Due to the fact that gold has a soft quality, the gold used in this treatment is not pure and is actually a gold alloy that combines a number of other metals such as zinc, copper, palladium, silver and platinum in order to make the crown stronger. Aside from the strength and durability that it provides, gold is also advantageous because it means minimal tooth preparation. It can be formed with a width of less than one millimetre, so a greater amount of your tooth’s structure will be maintained.

Gold Inlays

Gold inlays (or inserts) can be utilised for various issues with your teeth. Where there is a large cavity but the tooth around is still healthy, gold inserts and inlays can be used to fill the hole in the tooth. Though you can get Inlays which are made out of porcelain or resin, they are also part of our gold treatment range.

Gold inlays

Gold Veneers

Gold veneers are on offer at MSC as well. Veneers are thin layers of material placed over teeth that are damaged, discoloured, misaligned or misshaped. With veneers, large parts of your teeth will not need to be removed, and they are able to create a definite aesthetic improvement. Gold veneers add a fresh twist to the standard look of conventional veneers. It is common for only a couple of veneers to make a dramatic change to a patients smile, and the same goes for gold veneers.

Gold Services at MSC

For those looking to have a golden smile, Midland Smile Centres are offering gold crowns, gold implants and other forms of treatment that introduce a dash of style to your smile. Normal treatments usually involve a tooth coloured or white appearance, however, on request we can provide gold treatments. Please contact your local Midlands Smile Centres practice with your enquiries.

What Patients Say

Start quote I am 50 years old and held off going to the dentist for many years due to a bad experience which made me nervous. I was given a warm welcome by the receptionist and made to feel at ease. I spoke to the dentist about my misgivings and he immediately made me feel OK about getting treatment. It turned out to be a pleasure as he was so kind and patient with me. Will definitely be going again and on a regular basis. Highly recommended. End quote

- Mrs Stewart, Google

Start quote The dentist I see explains everything in detail and carries out treatments efficiently and confidently. He is kind and considerate and his dental nurse was very friendly and polite. Admin staff always helpful and polite. End quote

- Mrs C, NHS Choices

Start quote My teeth were very loose due to shrinking gums, this was very painful. The care given was excellent, everything was fully explained to me and I felt comfortable at all times. I have no more pain and I feel confident in my smile, this has helped me to feel good about myself. It has proved to be an excellent investment of both my time and money, I am extremely pleased I made the decision to have the treatment I would advise others that they should have no hesitation about treatment, the outcome is better than you could imagine. It's well worth your time and money. End quote

- Mr L, NHS Review

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