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  • We offer free consultations with an actual implant surgeon.
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Implant Supported Bridges

Implanted Dental Bridges

Implant supported bridges are like traditional bridges in that they are false teeth that fill the gap between other teeth. The difference is that instead of supporting the false teeth on the neighbouring healthy teeth thus creating a “bridge”, they are supported on implants.

What are Implants?

Dental implants are made up of two or three parts, depending on the type of implant. The first part is a titanium rod or screw which is inserted into the jawbone to embed and fix the new tooth into the mouth, this part is called the “implant” because it is implanted into the jaw.

The second part is the top piece of the implant, the part of the tooth that we see, this is called the “crown”. The final part, which may already be a part of the implant, or of the crown, is the connector piece, which holds the crown of the tooth to the implant.

Dental Implants Birmingham

Why Would I Need an Implant Supported Bridge?

When teeth fall out because of accidents, teeth decay or gum disease, it causes an unsightly gap in the smile. This gap is not just unpleasant to look at but it also detrimental to the development and positioning of the surrounding teeth and of the jaw.

When there are gaps in the teeth, the surrounding teeth move to take advantage of the space, this puts them out of alignment for a good bite. Fewer teeth also means that the jawbone starts to shrink, causing a change to the facial structure and to the smile.

Whether there is just one tooth missing or two or three, an implant supported bridge can be used to fill the gap.

Why Implant Supported Bridges Instead of Ordinary Bridges?

Ordinary bridges need to be supported by healthy teeth. This means that the healthy teeth on either side of the bridge are filed down so that the bridge can be fitted from one tooth to another, with the false tooth in between. It also means that all of the weight and impact felt by the false tooth will be transferred to the healthy teeth, thus wearing them down even more.

With an implant supported bridge this is not the case, because the false tooth (or teeth) is supported by the implant, there is no damage to the surrounding teeth. The implant bears the weight of the new teeth.

Dental implant Dr Chohan

An implant supported bridge is more durable than an ordinary bridge. Ordinary bridges will often need to be changed after 10 to 15 years. Whereas an implant supported bridge, if it is correctly positioned and well looked after, can last the rest of your life.

Where someone has a tendency to go hard on their teeth, perhaps by grinding them or clenching them, implant supported bridges will bear the strain better than ordinary bridges.

What’s the Procedure?

First there will be a free consultation with your dentist to determine whether your jaw will support dental implants.

Once the dentist is satisfied that your jaw is suitable for dental implants, they will take an impression of your teeth, so that the new teeth can be designed to match your existing teeth.

Next, the implants will be installed in the jawbone. These will need to heal and fuse with the jawbone, a process which will take 2 to 6 months. During this time, your dentist will give you false teeth to wear over the implant.

Your dentist will keep an eye on you over this time to make sure that the implants are settling correctly. When they are satisfied that the implants are properly established, your dentist will fit the extensions, or connector pieces of your implants, if they are necessary. These will need a further 2 weeks to heal.

When those have healed, finally, the dentist will fit the crown of the bridge, the tooth part that you can see.

Start quote This was the first time I've been here. Everyone has been amazing. I'm a nervous patient so this wasn't an easy experience for me. From the minute I walked through the door I felt comfortable. Thanks again, everyone! End quote

Laura - Selly Oak Implant Centre

Start quote I have recently had an implant at this practice. Dr Chohan is amazing. He provided excellent treatment. The rest of the practice is lovely, everyone is very welcoming and friendly. I was very pleased with the overall service. End quote

Grace - Selly Oak Implant Centre

Finance Available

Interested, but not sure you can afford it? No problem. We have a variety of finance offers to help you spread the cost your implants over a length of time, to suit your budget, starting at £45.05 a month.

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