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Mouth Cancer Figures

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Mouth Cancer Figures

In the last 20 years the rate of mouth cancer has increased by as much as 68%. It seems that this is being caused by unhealthy lifestyle choices, figures suggest.

Cases of mouth cancer have being rising for both men and woman of all ages. The data provided by Cancer Research UK shows from 1993 to 1995 there were 8 cases of mouth cancer per 100,000 people. In 2012 to 2014 it was found that now 13 people per 100,000 had mouth cancer.

There has been an increased rate of mouth cancer in men under the age of 50. A rise of 67% has occurred in the last 20 years, there were around 340 cases per year in this age group and has risen to around 640 in recent years.

Check for changes in your mouth

For men over the age of 50, there has also been a rise of cases. Rates have escalated from around 2,100 cases per year to around 4,400, this is a 59% increase.

Even though men are more likely to be affected by mouth cancer, women are still at risk and have also seen a climb in cases. In the past 20 years we have seen a 71% increase.

Research conducted by Cancer Research UK links an unhealthy lifestyle to 9 out of 10 cases of mouth cancer.

Alongside an unhealthy lifestyle other high risk candidates include smokers and people who drink in excess. A diet low in fruit and veg also increase the risk of you forming mouth cancer. Finally, people with the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) are also at a higher risk.

Mouth cancer comes in many forms and includes: cancer of the lips, tongue, mouth (gum and palate), tonsils and parts of the throat. All of these can be known as mouth/oral cancer.

Look for symptoms and signs in your mouth

The senior health information manager at Cancer Research UK, Jessica Kirby said “Being able to spot the signs are key, knowing when your body is not right will help to diagnose cancer as early as possible. Its horrifying to see the rate at which mouth cancer is growing. ”

Jessica Kirby goes on to mention that a healthy life style will massively reduce the chances of developing a problem. She also suggests that smoking, drinking and eating plenty of fruit and veg will minimise the risk of mouth cancer. Make sure you keep a good look out for any of the following:

  • Any lumps or bumps that are found in or around your mouth should be taken seriously.
  • Any ulcers or sores found in your mouth or tongue also shouldn’t be over looked along with and lumps on the lips or mouth.
  • Any persistent issues should be investigated by a local GP or Dentist.

Vaccinations are available to the public to reduce the chance of you contracting HPV. This virus is linked to many different forms of cancer, and should be taken seriously. Containing the virus is key and therefore if you are offered the vaccination then you should take it.

Mouth cancer risk factors

Research conducted by Cancer research UK shows that poor lifestyle factors cause 9 out of 10 cases of cancer. Smoking has been linked to around 65% of these case with a further 30% from drinking alcohol and finally 13% linked to the infection of HPV. In a number of cases however more than one of these lifestyle choices were apparent.

We are seeing an ever growing number of people with mouth cancer. Even though in recent years the smoking rate has dropped, because of its popularity in the 50s and 60s it has caused a growth in oral cancer number. Finally Cancer Research UK say that the drinking rate is always a leading factor to a high number of cases.

You can find some of our top tips for maintaining a healthy smile on our website. Alternatively, contact your local Midlands Smile Centres dentist and book an appointment to see one of our highly trained dentists.

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