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NHS Dentistry

What can I expect from an NHS appointment?

On the NHS, in addition to regular check-ups, you can receive a wide variety of treatments that can help keep your teeth, gums and whole mouth healthy and free of problems, such as pain or disease. So that you can receive the correct type of treatment for the problem you are facing, an assessment will need to be carried out by one of our skilled dentists, who will then recommend the best course of action.

NHS Dentistry

When you first visit MSC for your NHS treatment, your dentist will perform your initial assessment. During this check-up, your dentist will make an assessment of your oral health and any risks that you could face regarding your teeth and gums. Additionally, they will advise you with what you can do to help improve and maintain your oral health.

When you go for your check-up, your dentist may do any of the following:

  • Perform an examination of your oral health, by checking your teeth and gums
  • Ask questions to aid in diagnosis and creating the treatment plan
  • Ask about your overall health, and any problems you’ve experienced since your last check-up
  • Ask about and advise you on your habits relating to your oral health, such as your diet and whether you smoke or drink
  • Ask about how you currently take care of your teeth, including your cleaning habits (brushing, flossing etc.) and give advice on the best methods for keeping your mouth healthy
  • Fully explain the treatment plan suggested, including any risks and the cost of the treatment needed
  • Agree with you on your next visit – typically this will be in 6 months, but can be longer or shorter depending on your oral health

Before any treatment is performed, you will be given an opportunity to discuss it with your dentist. They can then answer any questions you may have, including any risks or benefits to the treatment in question. Sometimes a treatment plan can change after the initial assessment, this will normally be a result of further investigation into the plan, or a change in your oral health since the last assessment.

What patients say about us:

Start quote The dentist was very efficient and respectful. She was very gentle, patient and careful with my tooth extraction. I was very pleased with her service and I'm looking forward to my next appointment. End quote

- Sam, Selly Oak

Start quote A visit to Sheldon MSC makes you wonder why you didn't go sooner. With a friendly atmosphere and caring dentists, what more could you want? End quote

- Matthew, Sheldon

Start quote What a fantastic set of staff. They sorted my husband's painful tooth problem professionally and caringly and were all a pleasure to deal with. Thank you. Keep up the good work. I would recommend this practice to everyone. End quote

- Sue, West Heath

What treatment can I have on the NHS?

On the NHS, you can be seen for the following treatments, and more:

Make sure to check the bottom of our fees page for the full list of treatments and prices available on the NHS.

Midlands Smile Centres provides NHS treatment across Birmingham. Get in touch with your local MSC practice to book your check-up, or, use our convenient online booking facility to book your NHS appointment.

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