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Pola Tooth Whitening in Birmingham

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Pola Whitening

Pola whitening is one of the UK’s most popular tooth whitening treatments, with its ability to complete the whitening process in a single day. This is a huge benefit to most who may not be able to spend a long period of time improving their smile. A quick and simple process is preferred by many. This short process means that within the space of a week you could have a completely different smile.

Tooth Whitening Birmingham

What turns your teeth yellow?

There are several factors that can contribute to the discolouration of your teeth, including certain food and drink. Black coffee and tea, if drank often can have a negative effect on your white smile. Red wine, smoking cigarettes and even spicy food such as a curry, can contribute to staining of your teeth. However, the biggest factor that contributes towards staining, is a lack of regular dental hygiene.

In order to reverse the discolouration and bring back your shiny, white teeth, many people opt to partake in a tooth whitening service. Pola whitening is just one effective form of tooth whitening that can give you instant results.

How does it work?

A whitening gel is applied to your teeth and will begin to 'break down' into water and oxygen ions. These oxygen ions then attach themselves to the enamel and begin to interact with the stain molecules. This causes the stained molecules to break down and become colourless, they are then removed naturally by your saliva. The effectiveness of the treatment depends on the duration of the treatment, and the quality of your kit.

Pola whitening comes in three different forms. The first being pharmacy bought products, the second is a home-kit (issued by a dentist), and the last is in-clinic treatment. All three forms follow the same principles but offer different benefits.

Don’t buy over the internet

We highly recommend you visit your dentist to discuss the best way forward with your teeth. While tooth whitening kits can be bought online, it is often the case that these online-bought home-kits cause damage to your teeth during the process. This is because many of them contain high levels of hydrogen peroxide which can cause damage to your teeth if it's too concentrated.

How long does it last?

Your white smile will last as long as you maintain it, sticking to good cleaning schedule and avoiding things like smoking and drinking where possible, will give you the best results for your smile.

Zoom Tooth Whitening

Midlands Smile Centres practices are now offering Zoom whitening. Like pola whitening this is another home whitening kit which provides fantastic results in two weeks. Find out more about our Zoom whitening service today.

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