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Chris' Story

What did you not like about your smile?

Start quote Well, I was never happy with the way my teeth looked. They degraded over time, despite my best efforts to look after them. It had reached a point where I was getting married, and I really, really wanted to be proud of the photographs afterwards. I wanted to be able to look at them. I wanted to be happy with them. I wanted my kids in the future to able to look at them and to be happy with them as well. So, for my personal happiness and because I had a desire to smile a lot more, I decided it was time to get the work done.

I think the fact that I was worried about them, and anxious about them, meant that I wasn't smiling as much as I could have done. It meant that I wasn't showing my teeth. I think that does give an impression, if you're hiding your teeth the whole time. I think that it's helped me an awful lot since, just to be able to be myself and to smile a lot more. I do notice the change in the way that people around me react. End quote

How have things improved?

Start quote I think that my approach to other people has changed. The fact was, that I was always very cagey and didn't really show myself. I was always really nervous about enjoying myself too much, to the point where people would see my smile. I think perhaps that I used to worry when I went into interviews as well, that someone might judge me based on my smile. I think that, in both of those circumstances, I've gained a lot more confidence to be a bit more natural, to be a little bit more myself, rather than being nervous about it the whole time. End quote

How do you feel now?

Start quote I can sit here and smile now, and I not worry that anyone's judging me based on my smile. I think it does say things about you if you do look after your teeth or you don't. It might be subconscious, but I think that some people will subconsciously make judgements based on that. The fact that I can now smile, and I have no concerns about people seeing my teeth now - it's a big difference to me, it's a huge difference. End quote

How was your care at Midlands Smile Centre?

Start quote Superb. It's been the best that I've experienced. I've seen, because I've had quite a few dental problems in the past, I've seen quite a lot of dentists, and it's been a head and shoulders above anything I've experienced elsewhere.

I've genuinely enjoyed coming into see the staff. From the receptionists to the surgeons, I've really, really enjoyed coming in to see them. It's been - it's hard to say fun - but it's been an enjoyable experience. I've had really, really high quality care the whole time. I've had better dental treatment than I've had elsewhere in the past, and I've honestly managed to get over my fear of dentists, I think, because everybody's been just so supportive the whole time.

If I had any questions at any point, I've been able to ask them and they've been answered promptly. Any time that I've been worried about whether something is going right or going wrong, I've had reassurance and I've had a lot of information given to me, when I've asked for it, just to guide me along the way. It's been a really nice experience. End quote

How was your care from the dentist?

Start quote When I see Dr Joshi, I've always got a thousand questions for him, and he's always able to answer all of them. He takes good care of what he's doing with my teeth. He thinks very carefully about how to approach each of the different problems that he faces when he's treating me. We look at a lot of different options and we make sure that when we do commit to a final decision, it's after we've looked at all of those different options very carefully.

He's always talked me through every single stage of the process. From the decisions that I have to make, to the potential costs and implications, to the amount of time that I have to spend here, and the amount of appointments that I need to make in order to really plan ahead.

He's always very careful with me when I'm here as a patient here as well. He uses techniques that I haven't seen used elsewhere, to make sure that I'm not suffering in any more pain than is absolutely necessary. I honestly, I have almost painless treatment with him, which is remarkable really.

That really makes a big difference to me and to the overall feeling I have about the treatment that I've received here. The fact that I can come in and know that it's not going to hurt, makes a big, big difference to me, because that's what's always put me off in the past and has always made me anxious about going to see previous dentists.

Genuinely, he's done a fantastic job for me. I can't say more than that really, because I've seen a lot of different dentists because I had a lot of different problems in the past. He takes things at a steady pace, he doesn't rush things, and if I say that something is an issue, then he listens to that.

He always remembers what I've said in the past, which means an awful lot. I feel like I'm not just patient number .."776", he actually remembers my details and he remembers what it is that I've said that I prefer. That makes a huge difference. End quote

Was it a worthwhile investment?

Start quote Time and money, it's been a fantastic investment for me to make. I do travel to come to the practice now. Which is a decision that I'm very happy with because I couldn't get the same quality of treatment nearby where I live.

In terms of the money that I've spent on it, it's going to pay itself back over time, just in terms of my happiness and in terms of my comfort moving forward with my career, and moving forward with my family. It's easily going to pay for itself. End quote

What advice would you give to someone considering this type of treatment?

Start quote I would say to someone else who's considering the sort of treatment that I had, to think about how your teeth make you feel on a daily basis. If it's a situation where you are in any way anxious about them, then it's definitely worth considering. It has made a huge change to me. End quote

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