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Kirsty's Story

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Kirsty tells her Story

Why did you look for orthodontic treatment?

Start quote I really wanted to straighten my teeth because I was really unhappy with them.

I didn't like my teeth before. I didn't like my smile. I didn't like the position they were in my mouth. They were really crooked and overcrowded and just weren't very nice. End quote

Why did you choose Invisalign?

Start quote Because I was not a teenager, I wanted an option that would be very discrete. I was very self-conscious so invisalign definitely suited me. I did consider traditional metal braces. I didn't use them because I didn't want people to notice. I was unhappy with my teeth already and I didn't want to draw any more attention to them. End quote

What did you like about Invisalign?

Start quote I liked that it was very discrete. People didn't even notice that I had the treatment. I liked how easy it was, the fact that I didn't have to keep on going and visiting my dentist. It fit in with my schedule. I was working, I couldn't have appointments and time off work all the time, so, it really suited me in that way.

Even though they were very discrete, because I was so self-conscious and because my confidence was so low, I still was concerned that people might be able to see them, but my dentist was really, really good, and really set me at ease. And then when I had them in, I was very, very happy with them. End quote

How do you feel about your treatment?

Start quote Wish I'd done it sooner.

I definitely think it's worth the cost and the time. Absolutely. Can't put a price on this (pointing at smile).

I didn't have many friends before the treatment, and none of them noticed, but then part way through, when I could see that my teeth were moving, I was telling everybody about it then.

The aligners were really easy to get in and out. End quote

How do you feel now?

Start quote Using the invisalign treatment has meant that my confidence has massively, dramatically improved. I'm so much more confident. I love smiling. I was always a happy, bubbly person, but I'd always try and hide my smile and now I don't do that. End quote

Would you recommend Invisalign?

Start quote I'm very, very pleased with the invisalign results.

I definitely recommend Invisalign to others. End quote

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