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MSC Ron's Story

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Ron's Story

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Ron's Treatment

Why did you choose Midlands Smile Centres?

Start quote I went on the internet and browsed around, and the testimonials at this place seemed fine. The finances seemed fine as well, because it is an expensive proceedure, so you take everything into account. I plumbed for this place, and I haven't looked back. End quote

Were you pleased with that decision?

Start quote I'm pleased with the service, the quality, everything, you know. At every stage of the proceedure, I was informed and told what was happening. I felt confident with that and I'm so glad I came here. I browsed on a few practices and then made a decision for this one. End quote

How did you feel before having a dental implant?

Start quote With a tooth missing at the front, I'll be truthful, I felt a bit of a plonker. You do, you know, and you lose some of your confidence. End quote

How did you feel about your dentist?

Start quote When I first met Dr Chohan, he examined everything and gave me some options. He noticed the complexities, because there was already an implant in place. He took me through the procedure. He explained everything. There were a couple of alternatives. I could have had it done in a couple of different ways. He took me through the alternatives.

You need confidence in your dentist, you know, and straight away he gave me a lot of confidence. I was very impressed with the way that he immediately evaluated the problem. He told me straight away, "This is not going to be an ordinary implant." End quote

Was it a good investment?

Start quote It's a very good investment in terms of time and money. I'm not a young person, this is for the rest of life. End quote

In summary?

Start quote Excellent job. I couldn't fault the work. I'm really pleased. Really, really, and I mean that. End quote

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