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White Fillings in Birmingham

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White Fillings

Fillings are a very important part of dentistry and are quite a common procedure for a dentist to complete on a weekly and even daily basis. Not only do they help to seal and protect holes in the teeth, but they also help to reduce further tooth decay. Normally fillings are metal, giving an un-natural look to their owner’s teeth. This metal colour can cause a patient to feel conscious when they open their mouth to talk or laugh, as their filler may be spotted. White fillings offer an alternative to such metal fillings. Their white colouring is more in keeping with the natural tooth colouring, so they blend in better.

White Fillings Consultation

Types of Filling

White fillings have been around for a few years now and offer a great alternative to normal metal fillings. While a normal metal filling is a silver or grey colour, this filling is coloured to look more like a tooth helping to give a much more natural and appealing looking smile and to be almost un-noticeable when laughing. This is something which many people will consider to be the most important factor when choosing to have a white filling instead of a metal one. One more thing worth noting is that white fillings are made to be just as robust and durable as their metal counterpart.

The commonly used Amalgam or metal fillings are what patients would receive on the NHS should a filling be needed. The main difference between this and a white filling is the colour and material. As previously stated this is a metal filler and consequently is of a silver or metallic colour which tends to stand out from your other healthy teeth. While they are an effective treatment and can resolve dental issues, they do very little for a patients appearance. White fillings retain the effectiveness of regular fillings, without reducing the cosmetic appeal of your smile.

How it Works

The job of a filling is to fill an area which has rotted away due to decay. This involves removing the decay from the tooth and then sealing the hole to prevent further damage. In the case of a white filling this is completed by using a white/tooth coloured acrylic resin which sets in the tooth providing a hard, durable and reliable filling which should last for years. This treatment is normally completed in the duration of a regular dental appointment, and is simple and easy for most dentists to complete.

Dental Restoration

Maintaining your teeth is important and dental restoration is one way to ensure your teeth stay in good condition. Dental fillings are just one way to prevent decay of your teeth. There are many more options available to you as a patient at Midlands Smile Centres which you may not be aware of. Whether it’s restoring your smile back to its former glory or helping to improve on your existing smile with cosmetic treatments, you can be sure MSC have the right service to give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

White fillings

What Patients Say

Friendly helpful staff and a delight to be well informed regarding any treatment that is necessary. Had a filling today - done without any problems and quick too. A caring dentist who asks questions to ensure all is okay.

- Anonymous

Friendly and helpful. Willing to discuss treatments. MSC redid my fillings without any issues.

K.Hanna – Northfield

A couple of years ago at age 67 I decided it was high time I had my teeth sorted out. I still have all my own teeth but they were nearly all filled with old silver fillings and my top front teeth were crooked and worn. I hadn't been to a dentist for a few years because my old long-term dentist retired and I was reluctant to go to someone new.

A flyer from MSC appealed to me and I went to Midlands Smile Centres for an appraisal. Dentures were not an option as far as I was concerned so a programme was drawn up to attend to the essential work on the molars and premolars first, using crowns where necessary and replacing old fillings with new white ones. This was followed by a whitening session then reforming the 6 top front teeth with a combination of crowns and veneers.

I could not be more pleased with the result, I now have a set of teeth I can be proud of, I am no longer self-conscious about showing my teeth when smiling.

Thoughout every stage the dentist has been reassuring, has explained everything and has not spared any attention to detail, for example matching the shade of the veneers and crowns exactly to my good lower front teeth, making my "new" teeth look completely natural. I cannot speak too highly of the friendly and efficient service I have had.

This treatment has obviously cost me a small fortune but worth every penny - I now have a lovely set of natural looking teeth for life and will continue with regular checkups and treatment at MSC.

J.Henderson - Warwickshire

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