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Zoom Tooth Whitening

Zoom teeth whitening is a new form of tooth whitening product which can be completed at home. While home tooth whitening kits aren’t new, this product has been seeing large amounts of popularity due to its amazing results, rivalling other tooth whitening treatments in an easy-to-use kit. Zoom whitening is an effective product which can be completed in the comfort of your home in a period of about 2 weeks and can give a patient the whiter smile they have been looking for.

Tooth Whitening Birmingham

What Causes Yellow Teeth?

There are a range of factors that contribute to discoloured, stained, or yellow teeth. Some of the more obvious reasons are smoking and the consumption of alcohol which will rapidly deteriorate and stain your teeth. Other less well-known factors include coffee, red wine, and poor dental hygiene. Looking after your teeth is the best way to avoid a stained smile.

Zoom Tooth Whitening

Before you are given Zoom whitening treatment, MSC will first complete a consultation which will allow one of our experienced dentists to assess your teeth and help you to choose the right form of treatment for you.

The Zoom tooth whitening kit is basic and easy use. This has made it very popular with the general public. The kit itself contains a few syringes containing a whitening gel. This whitening gel contains hydrogen peroxide, a key ingredient for making your teeth shades whiter. You will also be provided with a mouth guard tray. When you’re ready to begin the whitening treatment, simply apply the gel to the tray and insert it over your teeth. A kit will last around two weeks and should be used once a day for approximately 30 to 45 minutes. Patients can stop at any point once they feel their teeth are as white as they want.

Tooth Whitening Birmingham

The treatments effectiveness and lasting result will be based on how well you clean and look after your teeth from the end of the treatment. With good dental hygiene, your white smile should last years rather than months.

Does Zoom Whitening Hurt?

No, Zoom whitening treatment should be completely pain-free. The treatment itself should not cause you any discomfort. As with all whitening methods, teeth can often become more sensitive. This is not a permanent effect and shouldn’t be of any major concern to patients.

Should I Buy Home Whitening Kits Online?

Its good practice to try and avoid online home whitening kits, due to the fact that these kits are generally not regulated and often contain high levels of hydrogen peroxide which can cause damage to your teeth when not used in a controlled manner. It is always worth visiting a professional tooth whitening expert who can assess you properly and provides you with the correct treatment for you.

How Much Does Zoom Tooth Whitening Cost?

The price of tooth whitening often differs from practice to practice and can even change depending on the dentist providing the treatment. Prices can depend on the amount of work required to give you the smile you’re looking for. Our Zoom tooth whitening kits start from £199.00*.

Type of Treatment Smile Plan Price Normal Price
Tooth Whitening
take home kit
from £199.00* from £199.00*
* Sale price

Zoom Treatment at MSC

Zoom treatment is now available at your local MSC practice. Book a consultation with one of our dental professionals and you can begin your journey to a whiter smile. Contact your local MSC today to find out more and book your Zoom whitening consultation.

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